The Beauty of Nature

"Nature is the first temple"

These last two weeks our monks have been spending their mornings out of their usual worship and meditation routines. During Sadhu Paksha you'll find more than a few monks wondering through our sacred gardens as the sun rises. Today is the final day of Sadhu Paksha for our monastics. After a two day retreat they will start next Sun One with their usual routine homa and with a flag raising for the new season.

These wonderings through nature always spark appreciation for the beauty of a natural world which seems both infinitely complex and eternally simple.

Landscaping with Adi Shrikantha

While on taskforce at the Aadheenam, Adi Srikantha has been doing a great deal of work on the Iraivan Temple's landscaping project, particularly in Chola Gardens. This is the area on the east side of the temple which leads down into Rishi Valley. Adi has been planing plants, helping to move dirt and boulders, laying topsoil, weeding, planting grass seed, keeping everything watered and much more. Thank you Adi, for all your selfless service! Om Namah Sivaya.

Sadhu Paksha Continues

A week into Sadhu Paksha and the heavy rains we've been getting up on our hill have been slowing. This means an easier time for our monks who are wondering the sacred gardens in the early mornings. Here are a few photos captured this morning by one of our monastics. A nice view from Iraivan Temple as the sun rises, with Siva's crescent moon just above it, and Venus up and to the right. Om Namah Sivaya.

As body, life, and world,
As sea, cloud and cloud-laden sky,
Permeating all, indestructible and continuous
The Lord stands in Majesty
The True way that never closes.

Tirumantiram 413

Beauty in Siva’s Garden

Aloha everyone, here are a few simple, wonderful shots of a new hibscus flower blooming around the monastery. Have a great day! All the monks are with you. 🙂

Mushroom Colony Discovery

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami was tending to his garden chores and stumbled upon this spectacular colony of mushrooms. Being on the Saiva Neri gives us much appreciation for all life, since we know its all divinity, its all Siva.

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