The Sacred Gardens of Iraivan Temple


Enjoy this pano shot of the gardens of Iraivan Temple. This is the view on the temple’s east side where we find not only plants but the continuing of Rishi Valley’s stream into the off-camera Wailua River. It isn’t, however, only plants who find themselves in residence here. Many, many creatures have deemed this area a suitable home. Herons, egrets, koi, tilapia, frogs, toads, myna birds, dragon flies, chickens, doves, snails, and more all live in the area that you see here. It’s their home just as much as it is ours and we’re grateful for their presence as a reminder that Siva as Vishveshwara, the Lord of Everything.

Noni Harvest with Nagarajan and Divyesh Pillai

This past retreat, father and son duo Nagarajan and Divyesh Pillai joined some of our monks on a noni harvest. Acharya Arumuganathaswami along with Natyams Nandinatha, Rajanatha, and Jayanatha made up a full group of six and managed to pick just over 1,800 pounds (820 kg) of the magical medicinal fruit. This fruit will eventually become noni juice and serve as the highly beneficial organic elixir sold by the monastery.

The Media Studio’s Arid Gardens

We share with our CyberCadets a collection of images taken yesterday just outside the Media Studio in which the very words you're reading were written this morning. The garden there is all arids, planted to contrast with the lush tropical foliage that is everywhere else. They're of various plants, such as orchids, agave, euphorbias and cacti, all of which grow in and around a shallow deposit of black gravel surrounded by Kauai Blue Rock. Requiring little to survive yet able to thrive, these plants hold a monasticism about themselves. Of course, not all desert plants can take the 95 inches of rain at the Aadheenam, but the ones you see here have made the necessary accommodations to enjoy the island. Enjoy this wild array of Siva's beautiful, diverse, peculiar emanation.

The Gardens of Iraivan Temple

Over this past retreat, one of us spotted Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami toiling amongst the burgeoning fruits of our recent landscaping efforts near Iraivan Temple. This shot is taken from below the temple at its southeast corner, just out of view of nearby lychee, durian, and starfruit trees.

Siva Pannai Palm Planting

Aloha and namaste everyone, we hope you are all well and seeing Siva in everyone. The Siddhdata Kulam just planted some palm trees near one of their machine shops. This line of trees will better suit the new road the monks use to get inside the monastery.

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