Beautiful Bonsai

As many temple goers know, there are always two bonsai trees kept at the corners of the Kadavul temple tank. What many don't know is that these trees are the selfless work of Tandu Sivanathan, who has been a student of the ancient bonsai art for many years. Several days ago Tandu came by to swap the previous pair of trees for some new ones.

Something to Reflect On

"What we're trying for is not perfection, but improvement." Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

This Morning’s Rainbow Over Iraivan

"See everything you see as Siva. Do everything you do as Sivathondu. Give up this 'I' and 'mine'."
Siva Yogaswami

Ganesha Gets a New Roof

Recently, the monks finished the roof of Lord Ganesha's shrine in the vegetable garden. The structure has been in the works for some time and thanks to efforts of the Siddhidatta Kulam and particularly Nirvani Adinatha, it is finally complete, with the exception of the roof's ridge piece. The roof sheeting is done in copper, making for a very beautiful finish.

The Iraivan Landscaping Project

A few days ago, Martin, his wife Alex, Dante and his wife Ashley all arrived on Kauai. Both Martin and Dante will be here for the next three months as they work on the next phase of the landscaping project around Iraivan temple. As many of you know, they have been tasked with designing the temple's surrounding gardens in such a way that they will feel just as sacred as the temple itself. At this point the team will begin moving the giant boulders that have been acquired. Each one will be carefully placed and will be the main points from which the rest of the garden will be formed, "like the first brush strokes of a painting," as Martin says.

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