2013 Mauritius Visit Part 3

Click here for more photos and report of the rest of Aloha Dinner including skit by the youth

Mauritius Teaching Activities

Click here for more photos and report of a Public Saivite Orientation at Helvetia Hindu Temple in St. Pierre.

SSC Sishyas Observe Satguru Purnima

Click here to view report and images of the event in Mauritius Part 1--

Click here for Part 2--

Click here to view images of the event in Malaysia, which included a skit

Click here to view images of the event in Singapore

Malas for Europe

The mission members placed a nondescript brown paper bag on the steps of Lord Ganesha's shrine today, and inside a marvelous offering. They made ten very special malas which will be gifts that Sadasivanathaswami and Senthilnathaswami take to Europe next month. These are so appreciated, and have become our gift of choice for those who understand their merits.

Thanks to the Wailua Mission team for this boon.

Singapore Creates Beautiful Jewelry for Iraivan Fundraising

Having worked together as a group to purchase natural stone, crystals and other supplies, the ladies of SSC Singapore Mission create beautiful bracelets and malas for Iraivan Fund Raising. We are very grateful for all of their creative work!

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