Haran’s Namakarana Samskara

Haran Kandadas, who was recently at the monastery helping with the media stuio construction, has just had his official Namakarana Samskara. His name changing ceremony, and his formal entrance into Hinduism.

Gurudeva speaks of the Namakarana:

"Anyone can declare himself a member of the Hindu religion, but for one to be accepted into the community, he must immerse himself in its traditions and lifestyle. This is the first step. Next he must practice Hinduism openly and thus prove his declaration in his own life and in the minds of others. A person seeking entrance to Hinduism must convince not only himself but his close friends and family that, in fact, he is a Hindu. Otherwise, it is just a secret "play pretend." Finally, he must change his name and use his Hindu name, first and last, in all circumstances and have it made legal so that it appears on his passport, driver's license and business letters. This is a clear sign to one and all that he has fully embraced the Hindu faith.

When a soul who has experienced the Hindu religion for many years in a small village in India or Sri Lanka suddenly finds himself incarnated, through desire, in the Western world in a family of no religion or in a Christian or a Jewish family that expects him to follow what is an alien faith to him, that soul intuitively seeks out and searches for the religion that is right for him. When he finds Hinduism, God and the Gods become dear to him, Lord Ganesha is a familiar friend. All layers of his mind are content, and wholeheartedly he declares himself a Hindu and later enters into the Hindu religion."

Himalayan Academy Teaching News– Mauritius

Click here for photos and description of January 19th study session for Master Course formal students and new seekers

Mauritius January Homa

Click here for photos of January Ganesha homa at Spiritual Park

Digital Dharma Drive

Our annual outreach to our thousands of web users is coming to a close. It ends January 31st. Our goal of $70,000 is not quite at the half-way mark.

The truth is, we are going to forge ahead and create the best tools and resources we can no matter what happens with the goal. So, if you have given enough, we accept that with thankful hearts. But if we do make our goal, much more can be accomplished in 2013, since we will be able to reach out to those who are more expert than we, and apply their technical skills to our year's web goals.

Here in Hawaii there is a pidgin saying that applies: "If can, can. If no can, no can." That's the local way of saying, If you can do it, then do so. If you can't, it's all good. Aum Namasivaya!

Initiations on Kauai

Saiva Siddhanta Church sishyas Mohana Sundari Gunasegaran and Ashish Chitnis received initiations on December 26.

Click here for more photos and details.

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