Loading the Containers in Bangaluru

These photos show the work that is being done to load and ship one of the containers, now on its way to Kauai. Everyone at the carving site has worked very carefully to lift these giant and sacred objects into the container. As you can see, this containers holds the precious Aavudaiyar for Iriavan temple's crystal Lingam. Just a few weeks and it will be landing on Kauai. This is truly an exciting moment to witness.

Bronze Memorial

Holly Young on the Big Island just sent these photos of the finished wax of the silpi breaking the raw stone. As you know, they cut a line in the rock, then drive a set of sharp chisels deeper and deeper into the line until the stone breaks away, with amazing accuracy. Holly has captured our silpi at the moment of thrust, and he will hit the chisel with a force that could break his hand, but with such attentive accuracy that such things never happen. The second slide is Holly's sketch when she began the piece. There will be two silpis on this stone, one on each end. The second silpi is using smoothing chisels, which are like sandpaper, slowly making the rock smoother and smoother.

Happy Chaturthi!

Happy Chaturthi! Today was the fourth day after amavasya (the new moon)
thus our Lord Ganesha received some special attention this morning during
His daily 3AM worship. Om Ganapati!

Another Bronze Nearing Completion

Today we received these photos from Bobby in Colorado. He has been the artist responsible for transforming Sculptor Holly Young's waxes, into beautiful bronze statues. This is the statue of the sipli at the forge. When completed it will join the statues of Gurudeva, Ganapati Stapati and the silpi sharpening a chisel, all of which are already at Kauai Aadheenam. The bronze is now ready to receive its patina, which will give it slight variations in colors.

Gifts for Kadavul – Getting Ready for Ardra

Many gifts are arriving from devotees all over the world in preparation for Ardra Darshanam, including homa herbs, spices and 108 gallons of organic milk for the abishekam.

The necklace is for the crystal lingam in front of Nataraja. It was a gift from a number of Malaysian devotees who pooled their resources to replace the current silver one with a gold one.

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