Different Decorations for our Temples

Yesterday we changed the fabrics for the Guru Peedam simhasanam and the Gurudeva shrine. Enjoy!

Bronze Sculptor

Holly Young has returned from our time together in Colorado and Victoria, BC, and sends these photos showing the progress on the carver for our next masterpiece. Many have met Chenniah, shown here doing his magic with a chisel.

Loveland Bronze Tour

We have a special treat for you today. Thanks to Bobby and Kathy Page, of Loveland's very own Page Bronze team, we bring you the step-by-step process of a bronze piece. Our traveling monks got to see some updates of Iraivan's work, and also an entire lesson on coloring, or bronze patination, work on a sculpture.

Happy Ganesha Chaturthi!

Yesterday we celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi at Kauai Aadheenam in Kadavul Hindu Temple. This annual home-temple festival occurs on the fourth day ("chaturthi" means "fourth" in Sanskrit) after amavasya, or the new moon in the month of Simha, which is always in either August or September. In Hindu homes around the world in which Ganesha is worshiped, handmade Ganesha icons are fashioned and worshipped for ten days, culminating on the fourteenth day after the new moon in Simha, known as Ananta Chaturdashi. "Ananta" means eternal, and "chaturdashi" means fourteen. "Chatur" is four, "dashi" is tenth from the word "dasha" meaning ten in Sanskrit. On this day, the aforementioned Ganesha murti which the family made and worshiped for ten days is submersed in a body of water, be it an ocean, lake, river, pond, etc. Though in same families and communities, this submersion, called visarjana or a "farewell" is sometimes done on Ganesha Chaturthi day itself.

Satguru Visits Jayendrapuriswami

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami recently were in Bangalore, and met with Sri Jayendrapuriswami. Swamiji is the head of Kailash Ashram in Rajarajeswarinagar and a dear friend to the Aadheenam.

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