Iraivan Temple Doors

We recently received this rough photo of Iraivan's teak doors for the inner sanctum. These doors will soon make there way to Kauai. Aum Namah Sivaya

Iraivan’s Year End Report 2015

This is Kauai Aadheenam’s twenty-fifth year of carving a sacred masterpiece that brings the best of Indian temple architecture to the West in the form of a unique, hand-carved Chola-style granite temple that has no peer in the US. We reached our yearly goal of 780,000 dollars ($65,000 per month) thanks to the generous donations of our global family of temple builders. 40% of the perimeter wall going around the temple is complete. Landscaping around the temple is also nearing completion, with thousands of small plants being planted on the east side of the temple. Drainage for the land is in the hands of island contractors, who are working hard to install new pipes for irrigation.

Iraivan Pillar Casting

Aum Namah Sivaya Everyone!

Holly Young flew to Kauai from her studio on the Big Island a few days back to do some technical molding for the next (the 7th one) bronze sculpture of the Temple Builders' Memorial to ultimately be installed near Iraivan Temple. In this sculpture, two silpis are working on the Tara pillar, one marking and the other carving. Two sides of the pillar will be just like this stone pillar, completed, while the other two sides will have both rough/unfinished areas and completed areas. This is all the pre-metal work, everything Holly needs before metal comes into the picture. We hope you enjoy the slideshow, please comment and tell us what you think.

Chaturthi Puja in Kadavul

Natyam Nandinatha is on the 3am temple vigil for August and celebrates Chaturthi for Ganesha with exuberance and flair. Kadavul Ganesha has Nagaraja alankaram on His trunk in honor of Naag Panchami which begins as soon as Chaturthi ends. Naag Panchami is the annual serpent worship festival.

Iraivan Day for the Wailua Mission

We recently received these photos from the Wailua Mission, whose members gathered several days ago at the home of Tandu and Uma Sivanatha. Each month the Wailua Mission gets together to clean rudrakshas and string malas and jewelry to be sold at the Mini Mela in support of Iraivan Temple construction. Aum Namah Sivaya.

"What is Saivaism? We are devotees of Lord Siva and we are doing Sivathondu - that is Saivaism." - Siva Yogaswami

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