Quadcopter Aerial Test Footage of Iraivan Temple

The monastery is in the process of procuring and setting up a remote-controlled quadcopter with a video camera mounted on it to shoot detailed aerial footage of the monastery, Iraivan Temple, festival processions and such. This first test footage uses a temporary camera and did not employ a gyro and gimbal, which will allow the shooting of perfectly smooth footage, reminiscent of floating delicately around the scene and being able to pan, tilt and zoom during shooting. It was a fun test! Stay tuned for more refinements.

Iraivan Temple Update

For those who may not receive the Kauai Aadheenam newsletter by email or who may only follow us on Facebook and TAKA, Click here to see Iraivan Home page for an update and Click here to ownload the complete beautiful PDF of the 2013 Temple Annual Building Fund Report.

Nandi Mandapam and Making a Stone Chain

More photos from the Iraivan Carving site in India

A Look at a few Beautiful Hindu Temples

Landscaping for Iraivan

The swamis met under a holy Rudraksha tree with Martin Mosco and Pradeep Chand, mapping strategies for stockpiling large boulders for Iraivan landscaping.

The rocks are so heavy, it requires us to strengthening the entry road to handle 80-ton trucks (stone and trailer combined), and we have to widen the road in two places for these big rigs. Two special ramps will be constructed by Pradeep for safe offloading of boulders. Lots of talk about rigging, safety, stone care and handling. Great session. 

Pradeep is immersed in a water department project for two weeks, then will orchestrate the test runs. 

Martin is continuing the model making for Rishi Valley and the main waterfall. He has commissioned me to find a way to put in two footings in the marsh for a little bridge that takes pilgrims past the waterfall. Herewith photos from the meeting just ended and my latest ontological quip:

In life: Nothing is misshapen, mishappening, mistaken, mistimed, misguided, mismanaged, miscarried, misplaced or missing.

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