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The Nataraja temple in Chidambaram is exceedingly close to our monks and members. And it should be, being the Center of the Universe. We never expected the great dikshitar lineage of priests from that temple to visit Kauai, but that is exactly what happened this week. Father and son dikshitars are on the island for an eight-day symposium on puja, homa and mantras. They are teaching daily in Hanalei at a yoga studio.

They have been all over America, raising consciousness and also raising funds for their padasala in Tamil Nadu. Their Ratna Charitable Trust runs the Veda priest school in rented facilities, and they are seeking help to build a permanent place where the old traditions can be passed on to the next generation.

The father is Siva Rajasikamani Deekshithar and the son is Shanmuganandha Deekshithar. During their visit monks felt as though long lost brothers had returned.

Their hosts brought them to the Siva Puja yesterday and they were able to tour Iraivan and the sacred gardens with Sadasivanathaswami.

Gurudeva would count it as nearly miraculous that yoga students on this little is are learning puja and mantras from the dikshitars themselves. Gurudeva and Bodhinatha have a long history of connection at Chidambaram, and the two temples are powerfully connected. More so now. At the end of this slideshow are some photos from days gone by in Chidambaram.

As they departed they smiled and said they plan to come each year now and teach on the other islands too. We hope that is possible.

Kadavul Ardra Abhishekam

Today marked the moon's passage into the lunar mansion (nakshatra) known as Ardra. Ardra nakshatra is associated with Lord Siva, specifically with the eponymously named star within it. The star known as Ardra is known as Betelgeuse in astronomy, and is 1.5 billion times larger than our sun. Think about that. Keep in mind that our sun is a million times larger than the size of our earth to begin with. This affords us the opportunity to meditate on the microcosm/macrocosm concept. Lord Nataraja's image conveys the constant activity of our natural universe in His dance. It occurs every millisecond within every subatomic particle. This is Parasakti.

Today's photo captions are the entirety of Gurudeva's third lesson of Dancing with Siva, "What Is Meant by 'Dancing with Siva?'."

Please also enjoy also this quotation from Saint Thirumular on Siva's Dance.

"The thirty-six elements dance. Sadasiva dances. Consciousness dances. Siva-Sakti dances. The animate and inanimate dance. All these and the Vedas dance when the Supreme dances His dance of bliss. The seven worlds as His golden abode, the five chakras as His pedestal, the central kundalini sakti as His divine stage, thus in rapture He dances, He who is Transcendent Light. He dances with the celestials. He dances in the golden hall. He dances with the three Gods. He dances with the assembly of silent sages. He dances in song. He dances in ultimate energy. He dances in souls--He who is the Lord of Dances. Tat Astu."
-- Saint Thirumoolar

More Iraivan Temple Stones Arrive!

Jai Ganesha!

The Aadheenam has just received a large shipment of granite stones from Bengaluru for the continuation of Iraivan Temple construction. This shipment included many stone for the perimeter wall as well as a few others. Two of the large red granite pots, which will sit atop the wall, also arrived. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Iraivan Temple Carving Progress

We've recently received this set of photos from Jiva Rajashankara in Bengaluru, giving us a sense of the recent progress made on the Perimeter Wall of Iraivan Temple. These pieces will encircle the main temple, atop the concrete foundation. Each long section of wall will have a polished granite plaque which will display information about the temple and its founding as well as our lineage's teachings and selected profound quotes from Hindu scripture. Atop each pillar section of the wall will be a polished red granite pot. Progress on these stones is being made quickly because the siplis are able to use power tools, as these pieces are not part of the central temple structure which was limited to hand tools.

Aum Namah Sivaya

Kailasa Parampara Honored in
Concord, California on Guru Purnima

On July 17th, the California Gold Gate Mission members of Saiva Siddhanta Church held Guru Purnima in the downstairs hall of the Concord, Shiva Murugan temple. The event was presided over by resident priests, Ananth Sivachariar, and Sathish Gurukkal who are now serving at the temple.

Devotees performed the pada puja, chanted Gurudeva's names, bhajans and Natchintanai. The priest guided the puja with their powerful chants.

The two priests are disciples of Sr. Dr. K. Pitchai Sivachariar from Pilliyar Patti. Ananth Sivachariar knew Gurudeva well and attributes his service now in this temple to Gurudeva's vision and support for the Sivachariar priests.

As most watching TAKA know, this temple was migrated from Gurudeva's original Palaniswami Sivan temple in San Francisco. It was later managed as Himalayan Academy, California branch, by our monks and devotees and then given over to the Hindu community when Gurudeva consolidated all his teaching activities at Kauai Aadheenam.

Ananth Sivachariar gave a short talk at the event recognizing the work of all the devotees who were the "original founders of this temple" and urged everyone to come and participate more. It was inspiring to see the spirit of the Kailasa Paramapara honored here on this day.

You can read about the priests here at this temple web page

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