Perimeter Wall Progress

Today we received these photos from the Bengaluru carving site. You can see the swift progress being made on the panel sections of Iraivan Temple's Perimeter wall.

Siva Puja

One of our monks doing the Siva puja a few days ago was inspired to take some photos of the sacred process, without any images of Lord Nataraja of course.

Puja literally means "worship, adoration." Forms of puja vary widely between Hinduism's four main denominations and its hundreds of lineages, but all puja finds its basis in sixteen offerings, shodasha upachara. These also vary somewhat, depending on the scriptural source that is followed, but one popular list is the following: 1) Avahanam, invoking; 2) Asanam, offering a seat; 3) Padyam, offering water for cleansing feet; 4) Argyam, offering water for cleansing the palms; 5) Achamaniyam, sipping water; 6) Snanam, ceremonial bath; 7) Vastram, offering vestments; 8) Yajnopavitam, offering sacred thread; 9) Chandanam, offering sandalwood paste; 10) Pushpam, offering flowers; 11) Dhupam, burning incense; 12) Dipam, waving lighted camphor; 13) Naivedyam, offering food; 14) Anjali, praying with folded hands; 15) Pradakshina, circumambulation; 16) Udvasanam, farewell.

Seers can reach Him because He is visible; worshipers, too, can see Him. But if they possess love for Him, Hara, who is the first cause of the ancient universe, will manifest Himself to their mind as light.
Tirumurai, Arputat Tiruvantati 17

Today’s Sun 1 Homa

We begin a new phase with our usual, unbroken routine of having a homa in Kadavul temple. Saravananathaswami leads the group with his powerful chanting.

Highgatehill Murugan Temple Darshan

Here are some wonderful murthi photos from our devotees in London. Check out the temple website at

Jai Sri Ganesha!

Many blessing today from Kadavul's Lord Ganapati. One monk decided to take some photos of Ganesha and his recent chandana flower decor, which we thought you would all enjoy. Om Gam Ganapataye Namah.

The Third Letter from Lord Ganesa:

Softness comes when you are precise, concentrated, with a sense of penuriousness. The concentration of the intellect comes from a vast, expansive ability accrued which has brought an intricate intellect into usage. Softness, therefore, and a demure countenance and approach to life and associates must be accrued through these means.

If you are not soft in your intellect toward others, refrain from speaking as well as thinking. For the true intellect is accrued from within oneself, and by listening to your guruji, who stimulates the within of you for this to occur.

Obedience is the keynote here, and the ravaging forces of emotion are rejected. And I dismay as you retreat into the devilish worlds in the plane beyond My sight. I sit waiting for your return.

Because I am here, it all exists. The pole holds the feathers that dance in the wind of desire around it.

Therefore, the thing that we seek is countenance, precision and self-effacement. You know the rest. I wait for your return.

See Me first before each advent into another Lord. I am the gatekeeper, the Mother that cares for you and makes you just right for the Father. I am the now that makes you ready for the then. I am the dragon that scares away the untimely events in your life due to the ignorance within your dharma.

I am the innovation of your karma, if you come to Me, My Being, your Being, when you get here, now.

See to this. I command you. I implore you. I do puja to you by ringing My little bell in front of Me, by eating a ball-like sweet goody and by lighting the fire of Siva, My Father, in My Father, through My head, burning at the top of My head, your head, burning there, a flickering flame burning there on nothing except the dross forces of your dharma, the accumulation of your karma of this life, burns away the top of your head, My head, Our head.

Success on the path is assured for you who have the good fortune to hear, to see, to read or to have been told to this message, is blessed by your good fortune, is in tune with Me, your Self, and I introduce you to realms beyond your limited vision at this very moment.

Love, Lord Ganesh

From Loving Ganesha

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