A Look Into Iraivan Day

Each month the mathavasi of Kauai Aadheenam get together and perform a group outreach sadhana called Iraivan Day. The other 3 weekends of the month is Siddhidata day where we all work outside together. However on Iraivan day we work inside on everything Iraivan Temple related. Here is a quick look at what we have been doing for decades.

April 2017 News Video

April news video reporting on events in May, 2017. A massive temple stone has been moved into the site of the Bronze Memorial; bronze sculptures continue to be crafted in Loveland, Colorado; Iraivan's silver naga was placed into the sanctum of the temple, the future site of the svayambhu Sivalingam; our newest John Deere tractor arrived and is ready to start hauling, cutting and pulling its own weight around here. Aloha and Namaste.

Bronze Pillar

The life-size bronze of one of Iraivan's Tara pillars is nearing completion in Colorado. This photo was taken yesterday by Natalie Levin who is visiting Page Bronze for the first time, meeting Bobby and Kathy, who share her love of art and sculpture work.

Installing the Central Stone of the Temple Builders’ Memorial

The bronze work that will immortalize Iraivan Temple's founder, architect and carvers is progressing, both in Hawaii and Colorado. On Kauai, the monks are working to prepare the final space that will hold the seven sculptures. The first step is to put in place a giant raw piece of granite in the charming space that has palm trees on the South and a large garden pond on the North. This stone is fresh from the quarry in India. Uncut and unfinished, it gives you a weighty example of the temple's origins, showing what a stone looks and feels like before the master craftsmen approach with their hammers and chisels. Speaking of weight, the stone weighs in at 18,500 pounds! As you can imagine, moving such a gargantuan piece of granite requires some special equipment. We hired a local crane operator, Larry Conklin, to help us. Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami, Acharya Kumarnathaswami, Yogi Rajanatha and our hired worker Doug all spent several hours yesterday working together to move the stone a short distance into place. The two bronzes of Gurudeva and Ganapathi Sthapathi will stand atop this central stone with the smaller pieces on all sides.

Final Silpi Bronze Work

Colorado -based master metalworkers Bobby and Kathy Page sent us these photos today depicting the final major addition to the bronze Iraivan Temple Builders' Memorial. This piece shows Selvanathan Stapathi marking designs on one of the temple's Tara pillars as another part of the pillar is worked on by Chinnaiya, a marvelous sculptor with unique gifts who spent several years on Kauai. As you may remember, sculptress Holly Young, who lives on the Big Island, made a casting of the actual pillar in Iraivan Temple to aid her in her work. This means the bronze pillar you are seeing here is an exact duplicate of the stone pillar in the temple, perfect in every detail.These photos show some of the assembly process of the bronze pieces. Bobby noted there is some duct tape on the architect's arm, there to steady tack welds while the final welds take place. After this, the piece will go to the gifted patineur, Debbie Bakel, for the chemical coloring of the metal surfaces which will make the realism come to life. After that, it will be shipped to Kauai. One of Bobby's observations when the monks visited Loveland last September is that one seldom sees a massive architectural work executed in bronze. People, yes. Dogs and cats, yes. But not architecture. That is one reason this masterwork, as we call it, evokes such awe! As a final note, there is still a major bronze piece to be done, which is the 2-feet-wide by 6-feet-tall by 9-feet-long Chola-style panels which record the names of some 15,000 donors around the world. It's a major piece, but this one above is the last one that shows the silpis at their tasks. Aum Namah Sivaya

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