Iraivan Landscape Jumps Out of the Ground with Full-Grown Palms

On the 19-acre parcel the monastery acquired several years ago, referred to as "Siva Pannai" there is a huge stand of full-grown palms. These were planted by the previous owner who was a nursery professional from Arkansas, as an investment. The economy and subsequent development on the island has been very quiet, so these specimen trees, which would provide instant landscaping for some big hotel or estate, have remained with us for years. So some of these are now being moved to the Iraivan area, both giant beautiful Royal palms and Foxtail palms. Stay tuned for more pictures in the days heads.

Wailua Mission Makes Rudraksha Jewelry

Once a month the Wailua Mission gathers to make rudraksha jewelry for Iravain Temple fundraising. So far the Mission's work has been extremely successful in raising funds. This month they gathered at the Sivanathan's house. With many devotees pilgrimaging to Kauai for the Maha Ardra puja on December 25th, the Wailua Mission was blessed to have these wonderful sivathondars attend their fund raising project.

Ganesha’s New Bling

Ganesha has received a beautiful new pendant from a loving donor and we thought we would show off his new look, ever full of pomp.

Iraivan Temple Doors

We recently received this rough photo of Iraivan's teak doors for the inner sanctum. These doors will soon make there way to Kauai. Aum Namah Sivaya

Iraivan’s Year End Report 2015

This is Kauai Aadheenam’s twenty-fifth year of carving a sacred masterpiece that brings the best of Indian temple architecture to the West in the form of a unique, hand-carved Chola-style granite temple that has no peer in the US. We reached our yearly goal of 780,000 dollars ($65,000 per month) thanks to the generous donations of our global family of temple builders. 40% of the perimeter wall going around the temple is complete. Landscaping around the temple is also nearing completion, with thousands of small plants being planted on the east side of the temple. Drainage for the land is in the hands of island contractors, who are working hard to install new pipes for irrigation.

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