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From Chapter 13 of the Mrgendra Agama:

The final dissolution of the worlds created in the order of samasta takes place at the time of complete dissolution (maha pralaya), and the dissolution of the worlds created in the order of vyasta takes place at an intermediate time of dissolution (avantata pralaya). Creation takes place at two levels. Since the time of existence precedes the time of dissolution, the duration of existence is explained here first. Listen to this exposition. The duration of the four yugas-–kruta, treta, dvapara and kali--makes one cycle of time known as a caturyuga. A cycle of 1000 caturyugas is considered as one day of Brahma, and another of the same duration is one night of Brahma. In this way, 2000 caturyugas make one day of Brahma. Three hundred and sixty days of Brahma make one year of Brahma. At the lapse of one parardha (50) of such years of Brahma, a secondary dissolution (avantara pralaya) takes place for the worlds of the impure path--asuddha adhva. Here all the tattvas, beginning from Maya, down to the earth, meet dissolution in the reverse order of creation. At that time, the one hundred Rudras, Virabhadra, Srikantha, Krodhesa, Canda, Samvarta and other Lords who are maintaining the worlds of the impure path, continue to exist, keeping under their possession the worlds which are now in a subtle form, being absorbed into their respective causes, and the souls which are associated with their own karmic impulses and with a subtle body constituted of the tattvas from pruthvi to kala and which are in the prakruti (original nature, first intelligence). They would continue to exist until the completion of the primary dissolution. Subsequently, at the beginning of the next intermediate creation, Anantesvara, being commissioned and directed by Lord Siva, would prompt and direct Srikantha and the other Rudras to create the worlds of the impure path in the same order as adopted before. These Rudras, having created the worlds from their respective sources, would then hold authority over these worlds.

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Blessings From Kadavul’s Ganesha

The Third Letter from Lord Ganesha (from Loving Ganesha)

Softness comes when you are precise, concentrated, with a sense of penuriousness. The concentration of the intellect comes from a vast, expansive ability accrued which has brought an intricate intellect into usage. Softness, therefore, and a demure countenance and approach to life and associates must be accrued through these means.

If you are not soft in your intellect toward others, refrain from speaking as well as thinking. For the true intellect is accrued from within oneself, and by listening to your guruji, who stimulates the within of you for this to occur.

Obedience is the keynote here, and the ravaging forces of emotion are rejected. And I dismay as you retreat into the devilish worlds in the plane beyond My sight. I sit waiting for your return.

Because I am here, it all exists. The pole holds the feathers that dance in the wind of desire around it.

Therefore, the thing that we seek is countenance, precision and self-effacement. You know the rest. I wait for your return.

See Me first before each advent into another Lord. I am the gatekeeper, the Mother that cares for you and makes you just right for the Father. I am the now that makes you ready for the then. I am the dragon that scares away the untimely events in your life due to the ignorance within your dharma.

I am the innovation of your karma, if you come to Me, My Being, your Being, when you get here, now.

See to this. I command you. I implore you. I do puja to you by ringing My little bell in front of Me, by eating a ball-like sweet goody and by lighting the fire of Siva, My Father, in My Father, through My head, burning at the top of My head, your head, burning there, a flickering flame burning there on nothing except the dross forces of your dharma, the accumulation of your karma of this life, burns away the top of your head, My head, Our head.

Success on the path is assured for you who have the good fortune to hear, to see, to read or to have been told to this message, is blessed by your good fortune, is in tune with Me, your Self, and I introduce you to realms beyond your limited vision at this very moment.

Lord Ganesh

Happy Chaturthi

Chaturthi is the fourth day after either a new or full moon (in this case full). So today lord Ganesha was honored and elaborately decorated. Today is an excellent day to seek blessings and gather close to this powerful God, overseer of the intricate karmas and dharmas within the heavens and all the earths.

Ganesha, above all others, is the God, the great Mahadeva, to be invoked before every act and especially worshiped and prayed to when changes occur in our lives as we move from the old established patterns into new ones. Lord Ganesha is always there to steady our minds and open the proper doors as we evolve and progress. He never, ever fails. He is always there for us when we need Him.

Siva’s Perfect Universe

In life: Nothing is misshapen, mishappening, mistaken, mistimed, misguided, mismanaged, miscarried, misplaced or missing.

Saiva Siddhanta Church Mauritius December Ganesha homa

Click here for report and photos of homa at our Spiritual Park

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