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This year Bodhinatha was invited to attend three Yogaswami's 50th year Mahasamadhi Guru Puja in Canada. This first puja was at the Richmond Hill Ganesha Temple, Toronto, Ontario. 
After a formal welcoming ceremony at the temple Bodhinatha was brought to the temple hall for Yogaswami Guru Puja and satsang

A Short Journey to Toronto

A few days ago, Satguru Bodhinatha and Sannyasin Yoginathaswami, left for a week-long trip to Toronto, Canada. There, the two are spending time with church members and visiting local temples.

Satguru Visits Dallas/Fort Worth

The final stretch of Bodhinatha's and Senthilnathaswami's recent visit to Texas took place in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, a vast area with several major cities, dozens of suburbs and a large Hindu population spread throughout.

The first stop was the new temple that is currently under construction in the southwest corner of Fort Worth, the only temple in the DFW Metroplex east of Irving. This location will be crucial, offering a major place of worship that isn't an hour's drive for those who live in this area. The temple's murtis are about to be shipped from Chennai, and the mahakumbhabhishekam date has been set for early June. Bodhinatha will be back then to preside at the event.

An outing to the Dallas World Aquarium with the Param family was great fun, complete with crocodiles, toucans, sloths, exotic amphibians, sharks and a giant manatee, among other attractions.

In Irving, Bodhinatha was the honored guest at the home of Srinivas Bhamidhipaty, a key leader of the Sivam Group, which meets regularly to chant Sri Rudram and perform elaborate Linga puja. The family visited Kauai Aadheenam last year and extended the invitation, and the date happened to be their wedding anniversary. Blessings were flowing strong in Irving!

The last event was a lecture at the Sri Ganesha Temple in Plano. This is also a new temple, currently operating out of a modified house, with a double-wide trailer for classrooms. They broke ground for the building of the new temple structure recently, but currently struggle, as many projects are these days, with raising enough funds. In an area that already has a couple dozen temples, the challenge is understandable. Bodhinatha continued blessings are a boon for their success.

Aloha Luncheon, May 10, 2014, You are invited

We are now putting together another great Aloha Luncheon for you. Come meet Bodhinatha, two of his swamis and about 100 supporters and friends of our monastery--among the most inspired and inspiring people on the planet. 

Please consider joining us, even if you are far from California. Every year, some do travel great distances to attend and find it was well worth the effort.

Attendance is via RSVP (click here) only and space is limited, so please RSVP  by May 1, 2014. For more info, please contact us at email or 808-634-5407.

On the following day, in the same hotel, there will be another event, which you are also warmly invited to attend: a whole-day seminar led by Bodhinatha, again free of charge. Attend both events and be greatly uplifted. Again do contact us if you have any questions.

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Fourth Annual Midland Interfaith Panel (Full Video)

(Note: Video is black for the first few seconds while the moderator is speaking, then the picture appears) On February 19, 2014, one Hindu, one Jew and three Christians sat together to answer questions submitted by the moderator and the local community before an audience of mixed faiths at First Baptist Church in Midland, Texas. This was the fourth such interfaith panel held in the Permian Basin. The five speakers this year were (left to right on the stage): Rabbi Holly Levin Cohn of Temple Beth El, Odessa, Texas Msgr. Larry Droll, Pastor, St. Ann's Catholic Church, Midland, Texas Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami of Kauai's Hindu Monastery, Hawaii Rt. Rev. Sam B. Hulsey, Bishop (Retd.), Episcopal Diocese of Northwest Texas Dr. Randel Everett, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Midland, Texas The following questions were asked of the five speakers, which each addressed with three minutes of prepared remarks: 1. Do you actively seek new members? How do you deal with inquirers seeking information to consider membership? 2. How does your faith influence your views on gay marriage, and more broadly on homosexuality in general. 3. What does your faith tradition have to say to those of us who do not believe in a Supernatural World, one with Gods, Spirits, Ghosts, and Demons? 4. Throughout the year there are many public events such as awards, banquets, board meeting for the numerous non-profit organizations and regular meetings held by Government bodies. And they are often opened with a prayer which honors or beseeches Jesus Christ. How do you feel about this, given that often-times members of non-Christian faiths are present? 5. Non-Christian children are frequently told by their peers that they are going to go to hell. Knowing that such comments can create fear and insecurity in young minds, how would you address this topic with your congregation?

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