National Hindu Teenagers Conference, Kuala Lumpur

Kodiswara Rao reports:

HH Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami presided at The National Hinduism for Teenagers Conference, 2017, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This one day program was organized by Mr. Aravinthan Periasamy of Artha Nyana Concept Builders and was done with the support of the National Land and Finance Corporative Society (NLFCS), Malaysia, and co-organised by prominent Hindu organizations such as Malaysia Hindu Dharma Mamandram (MDHM), the Hindu Youth Organisation (HYO) and the Malaysia Hindu Sangam. The ex-president of MHS, Datuk Vaithilingam, in his speech, praised HH Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's persistent educational efforts over the years, with the remark "This is the only Hindu institution that brings its teachings in various multimedia channels, making it very attractive." Satguru received the traditional honoring with huge, beautiful garlands from the heads of the co-organizers.

Satguru's presentation was about Hinduism and achieving spiritual progress. The teaching was precise and simple. The slides and animation components were very catchy. Not to forget Satguru's intermittent injection of Tamil readings excited the crowd. The famous Saint Yogaswami's quote "Bliss, bliss, bliss, here there and everywhere I am" had a spontaneous Tamil translation by Satguru, received applause from the crowd. Satguru's presentation was made up of independent topics thus it benefited the slowly-swelling-crowd, which was estimated at 550 in total. Each major parts were later translated to Tamil by the Kulapati of Saiva Siddhanta Mission, Ramesh Sivanathan, and the crowd was able to hear the message twice. The digital screen made for a grand display, enhancing the learning experience. The organizer was approached by youth leaders for their copy of Satguru's keynote presentation, which is underway.

While Satguru had taken a 3 hour break Mr. Wickneswaren Kaliaperumal took us back in time to the empire of Raja Raja Chola, his glory, accomplishments in South India and how the entire South East Asia up to Vietnam was brought under his Hindu kingdom. A great sense of pride was in the air!

At about 5:30pm, Satguru was again on stage, greeting and blessing each and every one of the conference attendees with his unfailing loving grace. Attendees from all over the Peninsular Malaysia had patiently waited for blessings. We felt the satisfaction and happiness of having attended a great teaching program in the proximity of the Holy Teacher. We recall a MHDM personnel saying, "We would love to have more presentations in the future, an absolute need for us."

Path to Siva Book Launch, Johor, Malaysia

I am Mrs. Saroja Subramanium @ Arulmigu Siddhi Vinayagar Tirukkovil, Johor Jaya, Malaysia. Writing a report upon request from Saiva Siddhanta Mission, Malaysia.

Satguru was invited by the Arulmigu Siddhi Vinayagar Tirukkovil since the temple is nearing its 12th year renovations. Satguru touched down on the 17th of November, 2017. We wanted solid blessings for the temple and its currents activities; which Satguru showers on us profusely as always. Satguru has been here a few times, we fondly remember him launching History of Hindu India in the presence of Arumuganathaswami and Yoginathaswami of Kauai Aadheenam.

We have regular Hindu Basics class here, the temple with only Lord Ganesha presiding with all His glory. There is a huge need for proper Hindu Basics education, I mean the very basics, which I found Path To Siva an immense help. It's an absolutely needed text book. I am still going through the book and digesting it myself but using it for teaching, which forces me to learn even more from it since my understanding deepens whenever I teach with it.

So we the temple invited Satguru Himself, as he is the creator of it. We all joined in to work as a team. Satguru gave gifts of Path To Siva to some 20 temples here. Satguru's educational efforts are highly praised. I am getting more orders from the public for the book now. Also many Singaporeans are communicating with me to get the books. Some 200+ locals and many Singaporeans turned up for the event, we also had a few Chinese who joined us. The presentation was gentle, easy-to-digest, along with live Tamil translation. We enjoyed the event greatly. Thank you Satguru for your blessings and presence in our lives here in Johor.

Mrs. Saroja Subramanium
Sri Siddhi Vinayagar Temple
Johor Jaya, Malaysia.

Catching Up with Satguru’s Travels

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami attends the mandalabishekam at the Sri Athi Eeswaran Sivan temple, Sentul. The temple is one of the oldest temples in Malaysia. About 500 people attended & received blessings from Satguru. He also gave a talk on God Siva being the God of love & not destruction as is commonly misunderstood by many. The talk was well received as devotees of the temple listened attentively.

Satguru up, up and away…

A few days ago, Satguru and Shanmuganathaswami departed God Siva's little island again, for the big, big world. This time they are off to Singapore and Malaysia to visit societies, temples and meet with students, devotees and friends of our work, and so far, they are having a fabulous time. We’ll tell and show you more in the days to come. Aum Namasivaya.

Satguru Bodhinatha’s Visit to Singapore and Malaysia

Satguru Bodhinatha is visiting devotees in Singapore and Malaysia.

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