Meeting with Students at the Sheraton

A few days ago, Bodhinatha held a meeting with a group of Indian Master Course students at the Sheraton Hotel in Bengaluru. The group asked many wonderful questions, leading to many engaging and inspiring answers.

A Visit to Bengaluru

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami have arrived safely in Bengaluru. Their first stops are the carving site and the homes of devotees. Jiva Rajasankara, who heads the management of the carving site, performed a traditional guru padapuja, and Bodhinatha blessed those present. Following the puja Swapna Rajasankara received her mantra diksha on August 22nd after years of personal study and preparation. This means receiving spiritual initiation from the Satguru to chant Aum Namah Sivaya 108 times daily on rudraksha japa mala. Prior to this, she was chanting Aum Saravanabhava Aum. It is the first of two dikshas that all sishyas prepare to receive. She is now known as dikshasishya.

Satsang in the Windy City

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Sannyasin Senthilnathaswami stopped for a couple of days in Chicago to visit with devotees there. An outing to the Museum of Science and Industry was enjoyed, focusing on many exhibits ranging from genetics to transportation and energy technology to weather patterns.

Panshula and Jill Ganeshan hosted a satsang at their home in Orland Park. Paramacharya gave a wonderful talk, and the History of Hindu India movie was shown. This 23-minute video is making inroads into the Hindu community across America and the academic community around the world, dispelling common myths and misconceptions about Hinduism and educating youth and adults about the glorious history and true grandeur of the faith. A preliminary version of our Innersearch Mauritius compilation video was also shown, jerking tears from one Innersearcher in the room and reminding others of the magnificent, loving, challenging, educational, exciting and life transforming experiences that Innersearch offers. Many were the attendees asking when and where the next program will be. Siva is keeping it a secret even from us right now, as no solid plans have been made. All we know is that it will be two to three years from now, but who knows where? All we can say is that based on the success of the most recent program, just last month in Mauritius, it's a very good idea to start saving up.

At the end of the satsang, in response to a refrain we had been hearing throughout our trip--"Swami, the monks are so busy and have so much important work to do, I won't want to bother Bodhinatha and the monks by writing in for guidance about my small, insignificant issues in life"--Paramacharya gave a strong and rousing bit of encouragement to all present: The monks are not busy. Sure, we are engaged in lots of projects, but we wouldn't be doing it without all of you. You and your lives are just as important as anything we are doing at the monastery and around the world. All is Siva, it truly is, and we are one family. Write to us, share what is going on in your life. Keep us informed. Request guidance. This is what we are really here for. A guru parampara is not made of projects; it is made of people, and you are those people. Don't hesitate.

There you have it!

Aum Namah Sivaya


Paramacharya and Senthilnathaswami began the journey home after the marvelous adventure with BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha in New Jersey. The day after the special time at the Bharatya Sivashram Sangh and Sri Chinmoy center in Queens, we were met by Kaika and Nilufer Clubwala who generously drove us hither and thither through the boroughs to our meetings, even to the airport for our flight to Chicago (see separate TAKA tale).

On our final night in Queens, we invited 18 good souls to join us for an informal satsang and sharing. The Clubwalas arranged for some snacks and we all talked into the night about the Hindu history film, HAF progress (since Aseem and Suhag Shukla and their two boys joined with other family), monistic theism and Gurudeva's legacy.

We were thrilled that Lavina Melwani came and spoke with her about her next articles for Hinduism Today.

After Chicago we flew into the American desert, to Tucson where we met with Chellappa Deva and Bhanu Devi and Jim and Natalie Levin, and had some amazing short walks under the desert sky, and great conversations about profound matters, our favorite subject.

Next, we flew to Los Angeles, where we were met by Chandran and Sahanadevi Param and their four children who drove us everywhere in this vast city. To get some exercise, we walked on Rodeo Drive.

On our final night on what Paramacharya calls the Very Big Island, we had dinner with just over 20 members and students. Lots of sharing about our paramparai, our mission and days on the East Coast. It was a fitting end to the journey. All hail the kailasa Paramparai. All hail the Infinite Siva. All hail the Satguru! Aum Namasivaya!

Aspiration Ground

Following the visit to Divya Dham and the BSS center in Queens, New York (recently names America's most diverse community), the traveling swamis were taken to a special and hallowed garden. It is called Aspiration Ground, named by Sri Chinmoy who recalled that at school he found joy in the playground and later, as a guru, he found a greater joy here in Queens where his disciples aspired for the Self within.

The space is a flower-rich refuge from the world, which is only meters away, on the other side of green hedges and trees. This is where devotees have made the Samadhi for their Guru, Sri Chinmoy. It is a sacred space where his presence is nurtured and protected, and immediately one could feel this sage from Bengal. It was here, we were told, that he played tennis and afterwards sat for hours with seekers in meditation, giving precious upadeshas. As we sat, a recording of Sri Chinmoy speaking of the Absolute was played, a powerful call to the Within.

Kusumita Pedersen went to the microphone to introduce the guests from Hawaii to the 75 or 80 gathered devotees, who were here from around the world, to attend the annual anniversary of the center's founding. This is their 50th year, so it was a special time.

Kusumita recalled her first faxes in 1988 with Paramacharya and her unforgettable encounter with Gurudeva in Oxford at the Global for for Human Survival in that same year, and the six or seven times she was with him and Sadasivanathaswami in subsequent international conferences, and with Bodhinatha in Melbourne, Australia.

There followed a small choir which sang some angelic mystical poems from Sri Chinmoy, and also offered a delightful little hymn to Hinduism Today! Yes, a choral praise written by Sri Chinmoy and first sung by his disciples in the Media Studio during their 1998 visit to Kauai. Sadasivanathaswami quickly reached for his iPhone to record the last half of it which we will post for all to hear.

Poems were read and then Sadasivanathaswami spoke of our meetings over the years with Sri Chinmoy, including his giving the U Thant Peace Award to Gurudeva at the United Nations in 2000. Paramacharya spoke of the centrality of the guru and how Sri Chinmoy had impressed the monks with his remarkable outpouring of gratitude, an example to all to be thankful for Siva's infinite grace and abundances given.

Paramacharya shared that when he had asked, 15 years back, for a summary of Sri Chinmoy's philosophy, Kusumita sent a small book, no more than 80 pages, called Samadhi, in which the Guru spoke in remarkably profound Paramacharya ended with a quote from Kabir, the mystic and poet: "If all the land were turned to paper and all the seas turned to ink, and all the forests into pens to write with, they would still not suffice to describe the greatness of the guru." Paramaharya shared that this book inspired our own "Self & Samadhi" book gathering together all of Gurudeva's lofty writing of the Ineffable Self within all. He gave the center a copy of that book and also gifted all present with a rudraksha bead from Kauai's Rudraksha Forest.

Senthilnathaswami was called to the microphone and shared his 1998 encounter with Sri Chinmoy which was a moving tribute to how even a brief encounter with a great soul can endure through the years, and even grow stronger.

The guests from Hawaii were then treated to a tour of the heart of Sri Chinmoy's legacy of painting and photographs, kept in a pristine house that is a loving museum of the Guru who had his Mahasamadhi in 2007. The walls are covered with hundreds of photos of the meetings of world leaders and people of rare accomplishment with Sri Chinmoy who knew virtually every notable person you can imaging. A short walk across the street found us seated in a little restaurant, Annam Brama, that the disciples have run for many years, to feast on some amazing dishes.

There is, at Aspiration Ground, a palpable peace and there is in all of his disciples a remarkable Guru Bhakti and dedication to sadhana.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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