Off to the Hindu Mandir Executives Conference

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Sannyasin Senthilnathaswami, recently flew off on another journey. This time their ultimate destination is Orlando, Florida for this year's Hindu Mandir's Executive Conference. Their trip also includes stops in Carlsbad, Boston, Loveland, Yosemite and San Francisco.

Our traveling swamis were hosted in Southern California by Ravi and Sheela Visswanathan enroute to HMEC. They also enjoyed a wonderful satsang at the home of Dasan and Shakti Mahadevan, an informal and story-filled evening connecting with some 30 members and students.

Denver Trip, Part 2

Following the conference which ended Sunday morning, our two traveling monks got a chance to take a short tour of the Rockies. Rajkumar and Surya took them 12,700 feet up into the mountains. They drove through the Rocky Mountain National Park, up to the highest point accessible by car, were they got out and hiked up through the beautiful rock formations. Any higher and they would have needed oxygen tanks. Still, the thin, cold mountain winds forced them to give their lungs a fresh and healthy expansion.

Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha Leave for Colorado

Acharya Arumuganathaswami makes his yearly trip to the Uberoi Foundation gathering. This year in Colorado. The Foundation and it's principals have been very supportive of our work in the field of Hindu Education. In particular they provided a grant which made possible the making of the video "The History of Hindu India." That video seems to be slowly going viral. It now has over 40,000 views on YouTube! This year Sadhaka Jayanatha is traveling with him.

Photos from Bodhinatha’s Recent Trip

Jiva Rajasankara recently sent us photos from Bodhinatha and Shanmuganathaswami's recent trip to Bengaluru. These are a select few of those photos, depicting their visit to adichunchanagiri mutt where they met with Sri Nirmalanandanatha Mahaswamiji, and their visit Kailash Ashram, where they spent much of their time with Sri Jayendra Puri Swami.

Meeting with Students at the Sheraton

A few days ago, Bodhinatha held a meeting with a group of Indian Master Course students at the Sheraton Hotel in Bengaluru. The group asked many wonderful questions, leading to many engaging and inspiring answers.

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