The Journey Continues

Siddhanathaswami writes us from his travels in California with Shanmuganathaswami:


We missed Kauai's jungles, so we took a scenic drive and stopped at the cliffs south of San Francisco. It was a beautiful day, sunny yet in mid 60s and cool. These photos show a bit of green, but as soon as you go inland everything is dry beyond belief. They are in a 3-year drought after all.

We then flew to LA and met up with Mayuran Muttulingam. He took us on a tour of SpaceX. They don't allow photos inside, just like Kadavul. SpaceX builds rockets to put satellites in space and resupply the international space station. They are close to being able to reuse some parts after a launch, so that they don't have to build everything from scratch each time. Over the next 24 months they plan to have 50 launches. That means building two rockets a month!!!

The huge building had rockets being built at all stages. When they are assembled they are about 140 feet tall. It was a super high tech machine shop.

Today we are visiting Mayuran's home and going with them on an outing.

Aum Shanti

Monk’s Travels

Today, Shanmuganathaswami and Siddhanathaswami are in California to attend a 4D workshop and to visit with devotees. 4D is the platform that the Pillayar Kulam uses to manage their servers and much more. Shanmuganathaswami writes us from the road:

Jai Bodhinatha Jayanthi!

After an eventful red eye flight (I think our plane may have been hit by lightning!), we beat rush hour and made it to our hotel by 6am. For lunch, three 4D staff members took us to a Thai restaurant down the street from their office. Check out the name of the restaurant they choose!

Then we went back to their office for an intensive workshop on 4D's web software called Wakanda. It was fantastic! Exactly what we needed. Xiang (pronounced "Shawn") was a great teacher. In the evening we met with Sudheer and his friend about app development for the panchangam.

The other photo is from our hotel parking lot. The moon was just a sliver as the sun set.


More Photos from the Road

Above are more photos from Acharya Arumuganathaswami's and Sadhaka Jayanatha's recent trip to the Mainland. As was mentioned before, the two traveled to Florida for the Uberoi conference and a variety of other events taking place in Tampa, Orlando, Ocala and Gainesville. They next flew to Sacramento, CA for the Instructional Quality Commission meeting, for which they gave testimony and suggested edits to the current draft narrative of 6th grade social studies in an attempt to improve the teaching of Hinduism in public schools. They've since returned to Kauai Aadheenam and are readying for their attendance of the next IQC meeting.

IQC Meeting in Sacramento, California

Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha's mission is coming to a close in Sacramento, California, where they will be attending and presenting at the instructional quality commission at the California department of education. The commission is charged with reviewing the most recent version of the revised history and social science narrative the essay like section that the books are primarily based off of. From Sadhaka: "They incorporated some of our smaller edits for the sixth grade section (and much more in 7th), but big issues like caste, the Aryana invasion theory and brahmanism are still present, and in fact strengthened. So we've submitted corrections which would hopefully be considered for the next round of edits to the narrative. After the commission went through each grade's section together, they then opened the floor for public comments. We commented on specific changes needed in the sections on caste and the aryan invasion. Other Hindu groups showed up as well and gave testimony, including many more students. It went fairly well, but the state of the current draft is still quite concerning."

Uberoi Conference, Orlando and More From Florida Mission

Our monks on the road have been busy to say the least and we are going to give you the full scoop. Take a deep breath and prepare yourself, ok? ready, here we go!

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