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Recent visitor, longtime student

Sanjiva and Tiya Thielamay chat with Yogi Jothinatha, during a recent visit. Sanjiva was just a boy when he took Himalayan Academy classes in Mauritius in 1983—in Beau Vallon, near Mahebourg. He has since traveled the world and become a well-known and accomplished IT consultant for large institutions. He and Tiya live in Chicago. Lately, he has reconnected with Himalayan Academy and has become a dedicated student of the Master Course, Supervised Study. Tiya is originally from Kazakhstan and following in Jiva's footsteps. She says that the original religion of Kazakhstan is still very widely practiced and very much similar to Hinduism.

Satsang in Chicago at the home of Sharad and Namrata Haldwania

On Monday, May 19th in the evening we held a satsang at the home of Sharad and Namrata Haldwania.

Bodhinatha visits the Hindu Temple of Greater Chicago

On Sunday morning, May 18th, Bodhinatha and the swamis visited the Hindu Temple in Lemont.

An Outing with Bodhinatha and the Swamis at the LA Zoo

About 15 people visited the Los Angeles Zoo with Bodhinatha and the two swamis.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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