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Aloha Dinner in Sydney is a Grand Success

Our Aloha dinner in Sydney, Australia included a book launch of Guru Chronicles for Australia Mini Mela. The event was held at a hall affiliated with the Durgai Amman Temple. Chandran & Mathini Wigneswaran were our hosts for this visit. They had encouraged many of their family and friends to attend which brought attendance up to 206. Tickets for the dinner were $40 and they raised AUS $8,250 for the Iraivan temple building fund. In addition, a few individuals sponsored the actual costs of the hall rental and the food, so the full amount of AUS $8,260 goes to Iraivan. Additionally, of the 30 copies of The Guru Chronicles we carried with us, 24 or 25 were sold and most of them were signed by Bodhinatha. Some copies of the Jan 2014 Hinduism Today were given out as well. The program included singing Natchitanai, Bharata Natyam, talks by Dr. Nagaratnam (now 88 years old) and Ganga Sivanathan, the Iraivan update video with a book trailer on Guru Chronicles, plus a forty-minute slot for Bodhinatha to present keynotes on Four Yogas, Four Ashramas and a few minutes on The Guru Chronicles.

Last day to RSVP for Aloha Dinner in Sydney, Australia!

Click the poster above or here to RSVP!

Will you be in Sydney 7 December? Just in case you happen to be in or near Sydney on December 7, you are warmly invited to the very special Satguru event described below.

Do you know someone who lives in Sydney? If you do, please tell them about Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami's evening there. It is a rare event and anyone you send to it will be uplifted and most thankful.

Darshan and wisdom On Saturday, December 7, Bodhinatha will give darshan and share the profound wisdom and practical advice he is well know for—for a happy and joyous life. Details on poster, below.

Hindu renaissance He will also give news of Kauai's Hindu Monastery and show ways it is participating in today's global Hindu renaissance. Here, for a change, is truly good news about where the world is headed.

Yogaswmi and the lineage of siddhars Bodhinatha will present Guru Chronicles the complete and compelling story of the Yogaswami lineage, by him and his Hinduism Today staff. Bodhinatha will bless and sign copies purchased on that evening.

Iraivan Temple Bodhinatha will give an update on Kauai's Iraivan temple, an upcoming jewel of Hindu Agamic architecture in the middle of the Pacific, entirely carved by hand in India and assembled at the monastery. It will be a major pilgrimage site for Hindus worldwide for centuries to come.

Please press the RSVP button above if you can attend. Or call our volunteers (at bottom of the poster, below.)

Tell your family and friends about it, or forward this email to them.

Tell them right away, please. Reservations close after December 1.

Bodhinatha will also be in MELBOURNE and ADELAIDE between December 8 and 11.

Satguru Bodhinatha Visits the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah

Satguru Bodhinatha and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami visited the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah during the weekend of November 16-17, graciously hosted by long-time Saiva Siddhanta Church member Aditya Vinadhara. In the 80's and 90's, Aditya was instrumental in helping Gurudeva to start the worship of Ganesha in Utah and engineer the subsequent steps of creating the present temple complex. During those early years Gurudeva gifted the beautiful granite Ganesha which is currently the main Deity of the temple. On Sunday morning Satguru Bodhinatha gave a presentation on Hindu Tools for Success and Spiritualizing Your Charitable Giving for Hindus which was followed by an animation entitled The Essentials of Financial and Estate Planning. The temple has one endowment with Hindu Heritage Endowment, the Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah Endowment Fund, which was created by Aditya and is now generously funded by the devotees of the temple. On Sunday afternoon, Shanmuganathaswami presented a color meditation class to about fifty children, parents and teachers which featured the color animation short, The Seven Chakras. Hindu religious classes for children are held every Sunday, and the children gave a demonstration of their impressive Sanskrit chanting skills. The local, pre-winter weather was cool and brisk, and the nearby majestic Rocky Mountains east of the temple, which were lightly brushed with a fresh coat of snow, gave the devotional feeling of being at the foot of the sacred Himalayan peaks. The ever-expanding temple complex includes the Ganesha temple, the India Cultural center, priests quarters and a children's playground. Future plans for the temple include a larger building for the temple, more parking spaces and new priest's quarters. Visit the temple website at

Poem on Lord Shiva

One of our viewer form Trinidad and Tobago writes English Poetry based on Sanskrit-Hindi literature. The following for Lord Siva, based on the famous Maha Mrtyunjaya Mantra, from the Rig Veda, found in the Sri Rudram Trayambakam Yajamahe Upon the tresses of life’s fragrant breath, Came Love, Compassion, And the bliss of Realisation; As I came to know that all these three, Are the soft beautiful eyes of Mahadeva, For He is Trayambakam; The beautiful one of three eyes, And Yajamahe; We worship him with all our hearts, Sugandhim, pushti and vardhanam, He pervades the universe with His sweetness; He nourishes all and sustains everything. Oh Lord, my God of Gods, Open my heart and release my soul, Lift me to the heights of devotion to You, As we tread our path of BhaktiKarmaGyana, Give us liberation and free us from death, Mrtyor mukshiya mamritat, Just like a ripe fruit Is snapped from its stem, Quickly, effortlessly and with consummate ease: Urvarukam iva bandhanan; Give us Realisation of the Brahman, The permanent reality of the universe, Grant us Your Sat, Chitta and Annand, That we may be free in life, To live the bliss of Your Realisation, And always worship at Your Lotus feet, With all our heart and all our love, Om Shri Trayambakaya Namah.

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