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Sadhaka Jayanatha Becomes A Natyam

On the auspicious occasion of Skanda Shasthi and with the blessings of God, Gods and Guru, our Jayanatha takes Natyam vows. This marks the acceptance into the trials of the pre-yogi path. The elders of the monastery have approved of this young monk moving forward in his mission at the aadheenam.

"When the days are dark and the days are light, the Natyam does not give up his inner fight."

National Geographic’s Daily Dozen

Vel Muruga!

Today, just as we begin Gurudeva's Mahasamadhi celebration, and a week before Skanda Shasti begins, Lord Shanmukha has appeared on National Geographic's "Daily Dozen," a page that publishes 12 photos from around the world each day.

Click this link and scroll down to see the photo: nationalgeographic.com/daily-dozen/2015-11-04

The Illusion of Time

Today we ponder time, and the increasing convergence of science and spirituality, on a collision course with truth. First the voice of science by way of a post on Quora by Ryan Carlyle, an engineer. He writes:

The way you perceive time is wrong. 

We live in an "ever-changing now." Time, as a line we travel along, is simply a mathematical abstraction that helps us understand the world. All of existence is contained within "now." The future and past are not "places" that physically exist. The future is a prediction, and the past is a memory. Nothing more.

Unfortunately, our brains seem hard-wired to conceive of time as something that advances in a line (or cycle). Language is biased towards this paradigm. It's hard for me to even describe another way of thinking, because English words are inherently biased to operate within the time-as-a-line framework.

The simplest evidence of time not being linear (or cyclical) is the empirical fact that time advances at different rates for different observers. Einstein's math and measured reality (by GPS satellites, among many other instruments) confirm that time advances at different rates depending on the local state of gravity, energy, and so forth.

His more detailed post can be explored here

Now, we turn to Gurudeva's writings on the subject of time, written decades ago. Sound similar?

"There is no past! That dream as it passes before our vision is right
now. We call it the past because we say we remember, but as we are remembering, we are recreating what we are remembering in the present. There is no future! That is also a dream or a vision, just like the past, because when we think of the so-called future we are recreating it before our vision right now. Therefore, there is no past; there is no future. Now is the only apparent reality! Now is the only apparent reality, and it is up to us to decide how we want to create our mind, because we do create our mind each instant."

Enough said. Time to go….

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