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Our video told the story of Satguru Purnima, but in the past many have requested copies of the very special darshans that come on this most auspicious day. This slide show includes a large version for each photo. If you click the full screen icon, you will be loading the large image. Note this may take a lot of time on some machines. Once loaded, right click to "Save Image As" or "Save Link As" if you want the photo to be saved on your computer. Hit Escape to return to regular view.

Bodhinatha's Latest Upadesha: "Awareness, Meditation, Work" (June 21,2016)

The mind doesn't move; awareness moves. We have control. Sitting still, restraining the mind, nirodha of the vrittis, is what's changing subconscious from the inside out. Being spurred on by the guru, strive for improvement, seeing progress. Look inside, find happiness and then share it. When not in meditation work to refine every attribute of your nature. Be in the world and be fearless. Face what you need to do and do it well.

Master Course Trilogy, Living with Siva, Lesson 99.

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Summer Tour Days Full of Bright Faces

Aran Sendan conducted today's tour and sends us this picture. He says, "The vision of the sacred land and view of the temple has a big impact on everyone, far beyond anything I might have to say to them!"

Sadhaka Dayanatha Becomes a Natyam

On the auspicious day of Guru Purnima, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami invited Sadhaka Dayanatha to take the next step in his monastic life by becoming a Natyam. Sadhakas who have completed two years in the monastery, four years of brahmacharya and who otherwise qualify may apply to be a natyam, and be recognized as a candidate to potentially become a yogi tapasvin, which would be then be the training period to eventually qualify to receive sannyas diksha from his Satguru.

Kailasa Parampara Honored in
Concord, California on Guru Purnima

On July 17th, the California Gold Gate Mission members of Saiva Siddhanta Church held Guru Purnima in the downstairs hall of the Concord, Shiva Murugan temple. The event was presided over by resident priests, Ananth Sivachariar, and Sathish Gurukkal who are now serving at the temple.

Devotees performed the pada puja, chanted Gurudeva's names, bhajans and Natchintanai. The priest guided the puja with their powerful chants.

The two priests are disciples of Sr. Dr. K. Pitchai Sivachariar from Pilliyar Patti. Ananth Sivachariar knew Gurudeva well and attributes his service now in this temple to Gurudeva's vision and support for the Sivachariar priests.

As most watching TAKA know, this temple was migrated from Gurudeva's original Palaniswami Sivan temple in San Francisco. It was later managed as Himalayan Academy, California branch, by our monks and devotees and then given over to the Hindu community when Gurudeva consolidated all his teaching activities at Kauai Aadheenam.

Ananth Sivachariar gave a short talk at the event recognizing the work of all the devotees who were the "original founders of this temple" and urged everyone to come and participate more. It was inspiring to see the spirit of the Kailasa Paramapara honored here on this day.

You can read about the priests here at this temple web page

Sacramento Travels Conclusion

Here is a brief summery of Acharya Arumuganathaswami's and Natyam Jayanatha's travels in California. After the two left for California's Capitol of Sacramento, they had a day to prepare before attending Day One of the meeting of the California State Board of Education. Following the first day, which was mainly about standards for evaluation throughout the state, our monks attended the second day which was the primary reason for going. This was were the two year process of a revised narrative for History and Social Science was to end, with final approval from the Board. This was also the last chance to attempt to make improvements to the draft, which gives 6th grade students an introduction to World Religions, including a not-too-great introduction to Hinduism.

Several prominent Hindu group were there, Including Hindu Education Foundation members, Chinmaya Mission members and Hindu American Foundation leaders. We also had backing from a very prominent group of scholars, and of course our monks were there too. Over 300 speakers testified about the narrative, many of which were on different sides of various debates about the India section. After many, many hours, the public comments had ended, and the board accepted the draft as it stood, with a few minor changes. Over all, Hindu groups succeeded in making a few important improvements to the narrative, though there was still much that could have been improved upon. Nonetheless, a good step in the right direction. Next comes the textbook adoptions process, which any Hindus in California would be wise to pay close attention to, as it decides the final content which will end up in classrooms.

Following the meeting, our team had a nice vegetarian lunch with some of the California Hindu leaders and youth that had attended the meeting. The next morning our monks caught an early flight home to Kauai.

Aum Namah Sivaya

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