2014 Mahasamadhi Final Celebrations

Above are photos from our final day of Gurudeva's 13th Mahasamadhi celebration.

The day began with a short padapuja, followed by a final satsang with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, at which he presented each pilgrim with a copy of our new Guru Chronicles Audio Book USB drive. The afternoon began with an elaborate havana in kadavul performed by Kumar Gurukkal, and culminated with a final puja to Gurudeva's black-granite tiruvadi. The whole afternoon event lasted about four hours.

From Dancing With Siva:
The satguru is like the sun. He is just there, radiating this very pure energy like the sun evaporates water. The satguru hardly does anything at all. It is the seeker who opens himself to the great accumulated power of darshan which the guru inherited from his guru and his guru's guru, as well as the natural darshan he unfolded from within himself through his evolution and practices of sadhana and tapas. It's all up to the aspirant at first. A satguru doesn't do a thing. The guru can amuse himself externally with anything. It does not make any difference in his darshan when he is at a certain point in his unfoldment. If you are around him long enough, and if you are honest with yourself and persistent in the tasks he asks you to perform and directions he gives you, psychic seals lift after awhile. But you have to do your part. He does his in an inner way, and as he does, you will feel the psychic seals melt away under his fiery darshan, just like a blowtorch penetrates and transforms the metal it touches.

From the Kularnava Tantra:
Devotion to the Satguru is the one main prescription. Without this, all learning, all austerity, family status and observances are useless. They are only decorations, pleasing to the worldly eye. The sishya who has complete devotion, steady and constant, what has he to worry about? Moksha is in the hollow of his palm. For him who remembers, “My Satguru is Siva Himself who grants Liberation,” fulfillment is not far off. As the steady devotion for the Satguru grows, so grows one’s knowledge. Neither yoga, nor tapas, nor ritual of worship are sufficient for spiritual attainment. Only gurubhakti excels. Service to the guru performed with devotion, according to one’s means, holds the same merit whether offered by the wealthy or the impoverished. Even if you give the whole of your wealth to the guru but without devotion, the fruit will not accrue to you, for indeed devotion is the only cause. The sacred paduka of the guru are the ornament. Remembrance of his name is japa. Carrying out his command is duty. Service to him is worship.

Pumpkin Planting

Today, Vel and Roshan planted a Mauritian pumpkin plant. After placing some fresh mulch over the garden bed, and putting the young plant in the earth, Vel performed a short puja, giving it a blessed start to a productive life. This variety is known to grow very big, and it is prized because of its thick skin which protects it from kauai's hungry bugs.

"Whatever work you have to do, do it well. That in itself is yoga." Siva Yogaswami

Off to Texas!

Recently Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami and Sannyasin Siddhanathaswami boarded their flight to San Antonio, Texas. They will be back in a week, and are in Texas to attend a 4D conference. For those unaware, 4D is the development platform which powers our database. Wishing them a safe and productive trip!

Continued Windbreak Planting

Trade winds come in off of the Pacific and are funneled up the valley of the South Fork of the Wailua River. At the end of the valley, our 200 acres of land receive strong winds throughout the winter and spring. This necessitates planting windbreaks to protect our future hardwood trees. On Friday an intrepid team went over to plant 600 eucalyptus trees as part of the future windbreak. Shown here are Nirvani Adinatha, Vel Mahalingam, Tandu Sivanathan, (who has just planted the last tree) Aran Veylan, Sivarathna Manick, Manickam Senthivel, Guarav Malhotra and Dasan Mahadevan. Not pictured were Mayuran  Muttulingam, his two sons Balu and Chandipati, Acharya Arumugaswami and Nirvani Tejadevanatha. Thank you all for your hard work!

Mahasamadhi Day Three

On our third Mahasamadhi day, devotees observed a special blessing of the newly renovated Media Studio. Following a morning of pujas and classes, everyone made their way to the Studio's redwood entryway, where Kumar Gurukkal performed an official opening puja. We then followed Bodhinatha inside for the final blessing, after which Gurukkal went through and purified each room. Snacks and some of the monk's homemade lime soda were served as Bodhinatha and each of the members of the Ganapati Kulam gave a short talk about the project and the new studio's implications. With this period of renovation closing, the future of our publications team's educational work is looking bright. Jai Gurudeva!

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