A Panchaganapati Story


Dear swamis of Kauai Aadheenam!

Last night Savitri and I stepped outside to watch the Geminid meteor shower and, indeed, saw a few nice ones. This morning at breakfast, we told our 5-year-old daughter, Meena, about it and she literally broke down crying. With tears streaming down her face she timidly said that she has never seen one in her “whole life”!

I told her we will go out tonight when it’s dark and look for them. Of course, the Geminids would have already past and at the time before she goes to bed, Gemini will have barely risen. Nonetheless, as promised, this evening, we went outside at 6 pm and sat on the bench looking at the skies in the direction of Gemini, begging the sky for a shooting star.

Twenty minutes passed in the freezing cold with no shooting stars. Then I said, “I know, let’s ask Ganesha.” Meena turned her head back to the house in the direction of the shrine room and softly called “Ganesha”  looking up in the sky in the opposite direction of Gemini.

Instantly, a spectacular meteorite shot high in the sky lasting over two seconds. We both gasped! Later, Meena kissed the ornament on the Panchaganapati shrine with Ganesha’s image and said, “thank you.”  We thought you would all appreciate our holiday story.

Jaya Ganesha!

Swami Aksharananda Visits Kauai

swami visits
With great enthusiasm, the monastery welcomed the two-day visit of Swami Aksharananda of Guyana. Swami has mixed with us at the annual HMEC meetings in the US and recently at the World Hindu Congress in New Delhi.

Swami came with a mission, to help the  500 students in his school. He is eager to engage them more in Hindu studies and finds the Himalayan Academy books and resources the best out there for this work. Swami also has formally invited Bodhinatha to come to Guyana, meet his teachers and students, give talks and uplift the 300,000 Hindus in the nation.

Swami told the monks during lunch that they probably do not know how deeply their work and life here affects the wider world. He said Gurudeva’s ashram is unique in all the world, both for keeping the H-word in its vocabulary and for genuinely embracing and supporting all of the sampradayas in a truly universal spirit. We could add that Swami’s own heart is of that same spirit.

Swami Aksharananda is a key figure in the Hindu community of Guyana. As a Hindu scholar and Prinicipal of the Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN) High School, he was honored by Vishwa Adhyayan Kendra and Keshav-Srishti on Friday January 4, 2008 during a ceremony at the Alkesh Mody Auditorium, Kalina Campus, Mumbai. Swami was honored for his work in the areas of education and social service in Guyana. He has an MA in Sanskrit from Banaras Hindu University and PhD in Hindu Studies from the University of Madison, Wisconsin.

Monks Educational Mission To California

monks leave for Ca

Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha leave home today for the open road of California’s educational highway. The primary goal of their trip is to meet the Sacramento Instructional Quality Commission to discuss the standards for presenting Hinduism in California schools. Stay tuned for more updates…

Our Many Special Guests

Photos of several months worth of special guests and pilgrims who visited the Aadheenam

Malaysia Aloha Dinner 2014

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Part 2 collection

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