Chitra Puja

Namaste everyone, here are some photos from our Chitra puja on April 16. We worshiped Gurudeva's holy tiruvadi and received his blessings for another month of sadhana, discipline and strength.

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Sun One Homa

Today marks the beginning of our lunar phase as we go from a full moon to a half moon. As is their usual pattern, the monks started the phase off with a homa. As many of you know, a flame acts as a window between this and more subtle dimensions of reality. So a big fire makes for a bigger window, so to speak. These sacred fire rituals have been practiced for thousands of years and are likely as old as Hinduism itself. To begin, we perform a short puja to Ganesha, then one to Lord Hanuman. Gurudeva requested Lord Hanuman be included in our weekly homa since He has been so instrumental in our work. After that, a puja to the smaller kumbha which holds the shakti of Lord Varuna, and then on to a final Siva puja. The arati is then used to start the fire. Sri Rudram is chanted and sacred mantras are offered to the flames along with ghee, fruits, flowers and seeds. Written prayers are then burned to reappear in the inner worlds for the devas to easily read and act upon. Following the homa, Satguru gave a wonderful upadesha on living two-thirds within and one-third without as we go through our daily lives. The talk will be online soon. Aum Namah Sivaya

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