A Drizzly Morning, Wishing You a Peaceful Day

This morning the Aadheenam woke to light rain and a misty sunrise. A brief downpour swept through, decorating our flora with its crystal droplets. The misty atmosphere is loved by our plants and makes for a cool and quiet start to our day.

God is with you all the time. There is no work to be done. Move in conformity with changes within your environment. Be steadfast in truth. Natural forces are countless. Be you, your own self, while at the same time recognizing all these. That is wisdom. We do not do anything. Everything happens of its own accord. Siva Yogaswami

Ripening Fruits

The monastics here at Kauai Aadheenam are now enjoying the hard work of the farsighted monks who planted our property with countless fruit trees many years ago.

After a hot and dry summer, the first signs of our wet season are beginning to show themselves. Consistent, light rains have begun to fall and the weather is beginning to cool, ever so slightly. Another sign that the seasons are changing is the ripening of our star fruit, as well as many of our citrus trees. Avocados are abundant and many varieties of guava are producing. And for those who know what they are, our Longan trees have just started to produce their sugary fruits.

Monks in Orlando

The three-day Hindu Mandirs Executive Conference came to an end on September 21. There were many thoughtful ideas presented about Hindu education in America, the subject of the conference.

Senthilnathaswami's Keynote presentation was the most beautifully crafted and acclaimed of the morning presentations. He had been asked to share how the monastery produces its books, resources and magazine, and his talk took everyone through the content collection, writing, proofing and design processes, with great graphics to make his points memorable. Big applause when it was over.

Like the day before, the swamis were a bit besieged in the hallways, so many wanting to tell us how they are using Himalayan Academy's printed resources in their communities, others wanting to share their latest academic paper or children's book for review in Hinduism Today. Clearly our publications and web resources have a bigger-than-you-know impact beyond Kauai's shores, in classes, in chaplain field work, in academic studies and more.

At the very end we were approached by Rahul Chandran, founder of World Hindu News out of Houston, Texas, for a brief interview on the work of the monastery and its global reach.

Recent Visitors

Tamilselvan and Shamala Suppiah from Johore, Malaysia visited us for the first time. Tamilselvan shared how discovering the Loving Ganesha book back in his university days changed his life.
In the third photo we have Dr. Larry Payne (to Satguru Bodhinatha's left) and his yoga retreat group. Dr. Payne specializes in teaching yoga health for mid-life and beyond.

September Chitra Puja

This morning began with a delightful padapuja to Gurudeva's tiruvadi in Kadavul Temple, performed by Sadhaka Jayanatha and Natyam Nandinatha. The monks and local members and guests joined together to witness Gurudeva's blessings, which flowed forth from his shrine accompanied only by the trickling sound of the abhishekam, the ringing of a bell, a light rain, and the early morning bird songs.

"It is often said that worship is not only a performance at a certain time of day in a certain place, but a state of being in which every act, morning to night, is done in Siva consciousness, in which life becomes an offering to God. Then we can begin to see Siva in everyone we meet." Gurudeva

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