The Gardens of Iraivan Temple

Over this past retreat, one of us spotted Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami toiling amongst the burgeoning fruits of our recent landscaping efforts near Iraivan Temple. This shot is taken from below the temple at its southeast corner, just out of view of nearby lychee, durian, and starfruit trees.

Prasadam Aplenty

Our Vaikasi Visakam puja a few evenings back was magical to behold, as you recall from the TAKA post of that day. After puja and meditation, the monks and devotees in attendance separately partook of the blessed prasadam from Lord Muruga's Feet. One of us was inspired to show the bounty we enjoyed.

Ganesha’s Royal Purple Regalia

Recently, Jigisha Patel of Chicago coorindated a major project of having dozens of garments made in India for the monastery's Deities. Not only for the Gods of Kadavul Temple, but also Gurudeva's shrine and our humble Hanuman shrine in the temple, the Nepali Ganesha shrine at the beginning of Tiruneri, Kadavul Temple's side shrines, our San Marga Deities, etc. This is a purple outfit which she had her friend and seamstress in India, Mrs. Uma, create. More photos of her other marvelous creations to come...

Invoking the Lord of Spiritual Aspiration
Murugan’s Vaikasi Puja

When the full moon enters the Visakha nakshatra in the month of Vaikasi, the doors to the Third World open and invocation of Lord Muruga brings us His highly auspicious energy for spiritual advancement. This is the ancient day for initiations, deepening our focus on Raja Yoga and renewing out connection to the Lord Skanda, the Lord of Yoga. The profound darshan and shakti that comes during this puja cannot be described... it must be experienced. It is the high, saphhire blue actinic "other wordly" shakti that takes one, literally "out of this world."

We made a recording near the end of the puja. Saravanathaswami invokes Lord Muruga with bija mantras, followed by Tirumurai and Tirupugal by Yoginathaswami and the final arati.

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