March 2015 News Video

Our March 2015 News Video covers events in February 2015, including: Thai Pusam, Mahasivararti, Siva Vision Day, Iraivan Temple progress in Bengaluru and our Himalayan Academy website’s upgraded search function.

HT Article on Historic World Hindu Congress

In the Hinduism Today April/May/June issue just sent around the globe we tell the story of an amazing event held in New Delhi November 21-13. The event was notable for being an elite gathering of world leaders who self-identify as Hindus, and in public no less. If that sounds odd, just remember that Hindus in business, politics, media, education and social work have historically kept their faith quiet, for there is a powerful and persistent restraint on the religion in Indian higher circles. But now, with the election of Prime Minister Modi, India is headed by a self-proclaimed, devout Hindu for the first time in 806 years!

The article by Francois Gautier chronicles the three day event, introduces the players and speaks to the future.

Beautiful Bonsai

As many temple goers know, there are always two bonsai trees kept at the corners of the Kadavul temple tank. What many don't know is that these trees are the selfless work of Tandu Sivanathan, who has been a student of the ancient bonsai art for many years. Several days ago Tandu came by to swap the previous pair of trees for some new ones.

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