Satsang at Jayendran’s home

This was the second Satsang Satguru came to Chicago to attend. It was a beautiful and lovingly prepared evening.

Satsang at the Malhotra’s home

Satguru came to Chicago for two satsangs, the first was at the Malhotra's home. With flowers, beautiful decorations and a loving Pada Puja taking place, is was a sweet and special time for all.

Capturing Moments

Aum Namah Sivaya

As the Aadheenam head into two days of retreat, we thought we would share you a few more photos from the collection being developed for our Kauai Aadheenam Virtual Tour project. Most of the photos you'll see here were taken by Lakshmi Grace Phoenix. Enjoy.

Kadavul Dance Offering

A few weeks ago the monastery was fortunate enough to host Shreelata Suresh and her daughter for a devotional offering of dance at the end of the Siva puja. These two stunningly danced in Kadavul last year as well.

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