Singapore Mission Gets a Visit from Satguru

The wonderful Singapore mission hosted Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami yesterday. As tradition has it, a pada puja was performed. Satguru will be also visiting a sales manager for book distribution. Hopefully Singapore will be able to receive our publications more easily in the future.

Sadhaka Jayanatha Becomes A Natyam

On the auspicious occasion of Skanda Shasthi and with the blessings of God, Gods and Guru, our Jayanatha takes Natyam vows. This marks the acceptance into the trials of the pre-yogi path. The elders of the monastery have approved of this young monk moving forward in his mission at the aadheenam.

"When the days are dark and the days are light, the Natyam does not give up his inner fight."

Satguru Travels

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami are off on another mission. This time its Singapore and Malaysia! More updates from the road in the coming days. Satguru Travels

IQC Meeting in California

Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Natyam Jayanatha are in Sacramento, California again on a short mission to attend a meeting with the International Quality Commission Board of Education. The education board is reviewing the edits that Himalayan Academy is proposing for the Hindu section in California textbooks. swami-at-meeting

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