200th Chitra Pada Puja

Today marked the 200th Chitra Pada Puja after Gurudeva's Mahasamadhi on November 12, 2001. And for the 200th time, we all gathered in Kadavul Temple to honor our great Natha Rishi in the form of a heartfelt pada puja to him.

Understanding Others

A Slideshow expressing the lesson titled "Understanding Other People" From Gurudeva's Merging With Siva

On Taskforce

Kodiswara, currently here on our taskforce program from Malaysia, is spending this month working in the Ganapati Kulam. It is a nice chance to learn about the work that goes into publishing Hinduism Today magazine, as well as the many other projects the small team is working on. Currently Kodiswara is making some of the 3D models that will be used on the timeline in the movie. So far he has done a crown which represents the British Raj and a torn flag which represents partition. Right now he is working on a timeline model of Swami Vivekananda.

Recent Visitors

Malkan Patel and his mother Kusum from Chicago. He brought her to Hawaii as 60th birthday present and found out about us on the way over

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