September 17th Homa

Today begins a new phase. This six day phase includes our monthly Ashram sadhana day on Sun 2, when the monks band together to clean the Aadheenam. We also have two of our monks leaving for three weeks of travel today.

This morning's havana was attended by our monks and local devotees, who were all pleased to experience to powerful shakti from the sacred flames. Several of our monks chanted Sri Rudram as Yoginathaswami invoked Siva's power through the havana and Bodhinatha burned written prayers to the inner worlds.

Following the final arati, Bodhinatha gave a talk about the power of Parampara and the force behind personal, spoken teachings as opposed to the written word. He read from Gurudeva's Dancing with Siva:

"The Natha Sampradaya has revealed the search for the innermost divine Self, balanced by temple worship, fueled by kundalini yoga, charted by monistic theism, illumined by a potent guru-shishya system, guided by soul-stirring scriptures and awakened by sadhana and tapas. Thus has it given mankind the mechanics for moving forward in evolution."

Denver Trip, Part 1

On Thursday, Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha began their journey to Denver, Colorado to attend the Uberoi Conference. The annual conference is a time for experts from the four Dharmic faiths, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism, to come together and share ideas. The Foundation also gives grants for worthy projects, such as the one which sponsored our recent History of Hindu India film.

Our monks first flew to LA for a night, taking another, shorter flight the next day straight to the Rocky Mountain State. Upon arrival in Denver they made their way to Naropa University in Boulder. The first evening's event was a talk given at Naropa by Boston University's Professor of Buddhism. It was attended by students, community members and Uberoi's panel of experts. The next day was the main event, also held at the University. It too was attended by some local community members, who had come to hear the lectures given by the Uberoi Experts. It began with a blessing from our two monks, followed by a talk by Rajiv Malhotra of the Infinity Foundation. Throughout the day over 20 speakers gave their thoughts on this year's theme of "compassion."

The next day included presentations on the progress of various, foundation-funded projects, which included a showing of the History movie. The movie was very well received.

Containers Bound for Kauai Aadheenam Saved by Wind and Tide

Yesterday this ship, carrying containers bound for Kauai, ran aground in Saipan, an island in the Northern Marianas 120 miles north of Guam and loosely under American jurisdiction. The ship had been trapped on a reef in the Saipan channel.

The "Paul Russ,"  500 feet long and weighing 16,000 tons was saved in part by the weather. Captain Pruett said, "The weather helped us a lot with the wind driving in one direction, the tide in another. With heavy weather and larger waves moving in, we were able to pull the vessel off the reef." None of the 17 crew members was injured and no oil leaks occurred. 

There are two 40-foot containers aboard that hold precious items for Iraivan Temple, including the five-ton metal auvudaiyar, the four-foot Nandi and important sculptures for the Nandi Mandapam, plus the five metal Sadasiva bronzes that will be installed on three sides of the vimanam and the black granite statues of Gurudeva and Bodhinatha.

The ship will be carefully inspected before it continues its voyage toward Hawaii.

Golden Gate Mission Ganesha Visarjana

On Septemeber 7th Golden Gate Mission members in California celebrated the Ganesha Visarjana with devotees of the Concord Shiva Murugan Temple. There was a grand puja at the Riverview Park in Pittsburgh California by the Delta and the immersion took place after that. Pictured are the puja, Ganeshas ready for the immersion and the devotees who attended.

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