More Recent Visitors

Subramanya Gupta and family are visiting for first time from northern California. They are members of the Hindu Svayamsevak Sangh organization, active in helping resolve the ongoing sixth grade social studies textbook controversy about how Hinduism is portrayed. HSS is also working on the initiative to get university Hinduism chairs staffed by actual practicing Hindus rather than non-Hindus.

Mathavasi of the Day – Natyam Rajanatha

Natyam Rajanatha serves in the Ganapati Kulam, helping with the monastery's publications work and learning from the kulam's sannyasins. He is responsible for seven article pages of Hinduism Today magazine each quarter and is also a big part of our digital world, focusing mainly on updating and improving our Himalayan Academy site. His work in the kulam is supplemented by his familiarity with web coding and his love of words. On retreats, Natyam helps Kumarnathaswami in the woodshop and also assists in our agricultural work on Himalayan acres. Natyam is one of the monks who performs the monthly Chitra pada puja honoring Gurudeva's mahasamadhi and is also one of the those who chant Sri Rudram during the weekly morning fire ceremony. He is often found on the 12am or 3am vigil rotations in Kadavul Temple, an austere but delightful responsibility. Today Natyam is working on Hinduism Today, as this is the last month of this production cycle. Here he is working on the next Global Dharma section, gathering and writing stories to keep Hindus informed about events around the world.

Today’s Guests

A group of seekers from Switzerland has been on Kauai for several days and today asked to speak with a swami, so Sadasivanathaswami met with them in the Banyan Mandapam. They had many good questions about how to lift the burdens of life, how to be more and more aware of the divine within and about the place of a guru in the seeker's life. Deva Seyon joined. They were given a copy of The Guru Chronicles to share among themselves and told guru stories (of course).

Recent Pilgrims

Saravananathaswami recently showed two families out on the grounds together, both of them visiting for first time. Rajesh, Pradnya and Gayatri Kadam are from New Jersey, originally from Maharasthra. Ragavan, Shivanthi, Amrita and Akshay Ramanathan are from northern California, originally from Sri Lanka.

Loving Ganesha

This morning was Chaturthi, an astrological period which occurs twice a month, four days after the full and new moons. This is the time when Ganesha's shakti can most easily be felt. At such a time we thought to bring you this short message from Loving Ganesha:

The Second Letter from Lord Ganesa

Keep track of your paces, for your walk makes marks. Each mark is a reward or a stumbling block. Learn to look at the step you have made and the step you have not made yet. This brings you close to Me. I'm not doing anything. If I were any place, I would not be. You are someplace, doing something. You are not.

Insofar as this is a fact, there then is some semblance of Me in you. If you are not what you apparently are and you keep track of your paces fore and aft in your mind, the karma balancing out the dharma is nothing.

Always live as nothing, and your mission is fulfilled immediately. You do not have to live long, but live well while you live. Be sum total at any point in time.

The mind through which you think you travel, or of which you think you are, is not. The awareness of which you think doth travel, or which you think is aware, is not. Therefore, what is?

That is a mystery, to the mind, to awareness, but can be solved by you and Me coming close together. Let's do it now.

Love, Lord Umaganesh

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