Annual Wailua Mission Pizza Lunch

Recently we had our annual pizza lunch with members of the Wailua Mission to show appreciation for the work they do in raising money for Iraivan temple, working at the visitor center, greeting guests, answering visitor's questions and guiding the weekly tours. As special guests to this event we had Aran and Tara Veylan. They live in Canada where they help run the Edmonton Temple and Mini Mela Canada. They recently acquired a house here on Kauai and Bodhinatha came by to give his blessings. He also came to see how the Wailua Mission makes the Rudraksha products, as this was the mission's monthly Iraivan day at the Veylan's new house. Bodhinatha gave a wonderful speech at the pizza lunch about Iraivan Temple's mystical significance.

January 2015 News Video

Our January 2015 news video covers events in December 2014, including: progress on carving the Iraivan Temple perimeter wall and the arrival of the avudaiyar, or base, for the Sivalingam, the planting of hardwood trees on our agricultural land, our many recent guests throughout the holiday season, and Arumuganathaswami's and Sadhaka Jayanatha's recent trip to California, including testimony from Hindu students at the State Board of Education's Instructional Quality Commission hearing.

A New Doorway

While the Media Studio is up and running, there are a few projects still working their way towards completion. One such project has been the doorway to the conference room. With a lot of work from Acharya Kumarnathaswami and our hired carpenter, Jeff, the installation of the doorway's redwood frame has been made a reality. Ultimately the doorway will be fitted with sliding glass doors.

Family Reunion

Sri GV Chellam visited us ten years ago on his 80th birthday, and requested his children and their families to bring him back to celebrate his 90th birthday, so here they are! His daughter Jothika and her husband Anantha Manepalli hosted Satguru Bodhinatha at their home some time back for a satsang in St Louis, Missouri.

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