Victoria Welcomes You

Aloha again, some shots here of Satguru and swamis being greeted as they arrived in Victoria, BC. Also a splendid garden tour was enjoyed by all.

Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha on Mission in California

monks on mission Departing yesterday for a long day of travel from Kauai to Sacremento, California. Acharya Arumuganathaswami and Sadhaka Jayanatha, got up today and joined over 200 people to be present for another very important Instructional Quality Commission Meeting. The commission is entering the final phase of review of edits to the California text book content standards. Key statements about India and Hinduism are the focus for our team and 100 plus more Hindus who joined to make their presence felt and give testimony. Hard work done by Acharya in collaboration with Professor Shiva Bajpai and other scholars were submitted under the auspices of the Uberoi Foundation. These were well received and quite a few were adopted. Several years ago most Hindus were not even aware of these very important and significant proceedings. Through Acharya's work the flame of awareness has been lit across the entire Hindu community, who will no doubt continue working for the cause of proper representation of our faith in the education of our children in the decades to come.

Gurudeva’s 194th Chitra Pada Puja

Wednesday marked the 194th pada puja that we've performed for Our Gurudeva since his Great Departure on November 12, 2001, which was 5,301 days ago. Nirvanis Tejadevanatha and Nilakanthanatha officiated the worship as monks, resident guests, and local shishya attended.

Siva Pannai Palm Planting

Aloha and namaste everyone, we hope you are all well and seeing Siva in everyone. The Siddhdata Kulam just planted some palm trees near one of their machine shops. This line of trees will better suit the new road the monks use to get inside the monastery.

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