October 18 Homa

This morning the monks of Kauai Aadheenam begin a new phase following a three day retreat. This will be a short four-day phase for them, which will include their monthly Ashram Sadhana day, when all the monks clean the monastery buildings. Also this phase is Ardra Nakshatra, when Kadavul Temple's Nataraja is worshiped with a full abhishekam. This morning began with a near-full moon setting over the mountain, with the clouds lit up by the rising sun. The monks and local members gathered in Kadavul Temple for a homa and for a talk by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, which will be online soon. Aum Namah Sivaya.

Wishing You a Blessed Guru Jayanti!

Aum Namah Sivaya
Jai Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami!

Today is Satguru's 74th Jayanati! Today we shower Satguru with gifts and our love for the infinite love and blessings he brings into our lives every day. Tonight the monks will make a special meal for Satguru and have a dinner in his honor.

From the Kularnava Tantra:
And Lord Siva said: There is One Real. Call it Siva. This Parabrahman is formless, stainless, one without a second, changeless, beyond the highest. This Mahesvara is all-knowing, all-doing, sovereign of all, self-luminous, without beginning or end. All embodied souls, jivas, all the born creatures, are portions of Me, like sparks of the fire. But human birth is the most important, for it is then that one becomes awake, aware of his state of bondage and the necessity of release. It is then that one is in a position to take steps for his liberation from bondage's hold.
Humans have a self-will and are not totally subject to the impulses and drives of nature as are other creatures. It is only on this earth--and that too in a human body endowed with a soul--that one can choose one's path for spiritual progress. But not all are aware of the precious opportunity afforded by human birth, which is truly the ladder to Liberation. The Self is to be realized only here in this life. If here you do not find it and work out the means for your Liberation, where else is it possible? It is possible nowhere else. It has to be worked out by yourself from within yourself.
The world you reach after the physical body is shed is determined by the level of consciousness reached while in the body. So, as long as the body lasts, exert yourself towards the goal of Liberation.
Remember, the physical body does not last forever. Age prowls like a leopard; diseases attack like an enemy. Death waits not to see what is done or not done. Before the limbs lose their vitality, before adversities crowd in upon you, take to the auspicious path.
Therefore, choose, then worship a Satguru. Worship his feet. Cherish the very sandals (paduka) which hold his feet. All knowledge is founded on those paduka. Remember and cherish those paduka, which yield infinitely more merit than any number of observances, gifts, sacrifices, pilgrimages, mantra-japa and rituals of worship.
It is these feet, when remembered, that protect in times of distress, danger or calamity. Study, remembrance, knowledge, donations, sacrifices and worship are truly done by him who ever remembers the Satguru's feet.
Look toward the direction in which the lotus feet of the Satguru lie and bow down to them every day with devotion.
There is no mantram higher than that of his feet, no merit higher than his worship.
At the root of meditation is the form of the Satguru. At the root of puja are the feet of the Satguru. At the root of mantra is the word of the Satguru. At the root of Liberation is the grace of the Satguru. In this world all holy actions are rooted in the Satguru. Therefore, the Satguru is to be constantly served with devotion for fulfillment.

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