Innersearch Sri Lanka 2018 and 2019

The monks have been working hard to bring you our next travel-study program: to Sri Lanka, February 19 to March 1st, 2018! This is our formal announcement of a much-awaited event.

What is Innersearch?

Innersearch is Himalayan Academy's travel-study program and your opportunity to travel with the satguru and his monks on periodic journeys for personalized instruction in The Master Course. Twenty-five Innersearch travel-study programs have been held since 1967, taking hundreds of seekers to India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tahiti, Hawaii, Malaysia, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Switzerland, the Caribbean, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and dozens of other regions. You can be sure that Innersearch is not your typical tour but a travel experience that combines the mystical path of Indian spirituality with a superlative retreat from your day-to-day routine.

Each voyage is a pilgrimage to the divine and spectacular inside of you. The all-pervading beauty, color and grandeur of the outer voyage is but a reflection of the bliss and richness of the inner voyage as we delve the within together. A typical day includes morning classes exploring the esoterics of meditation and discussing how to live a spiritually dynamic life in a modern world. There are hatha yoga and meditation classes, question-and-answer sessions, instruction in Shum, Gurudeva's language of meditation, and lots of time for informal sharing with Bodhinatha and the swamis. Some of the most enriching moments are when we meet with Hindu communities, often joining in grand celebrations as they welcome us to the temples they have erected around the world.

The next Innersearch will be a two-week journey to northern Sri Lanka with fifty participants, scheduled to begin (as we said earlier) in Colombo February 19 and end March 1 of 2018. An identical program, also leaving in February, is planned for 2019. On both Innersearches there will be days of classes and visits to the temples and holy places associated with the Gurus of our Parampara. It's definitely not too early to begin planning such an adventure. Will you join us? Watch the Innersearch Travel-Study page on our website to see how the program planning is progressing and to submit your application

New Tractor

Every few years the monks upgrade the monastery equipment in order to not be suffocated in maintenance nightmares. A new John Deere tractor has been purchased to help till the fields.

Kadavul at Midnight

Aum Namah Sivaya

As many of us know, our monks hold a 24/7/365 vigil in Kadavul Temple. During a monk's three hour stay in the temple he performs the Agamically prescribed puja (12am, 3 am, 6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm or 6pm) for that vigil and performs japa, meditation, reads scripture, cleans, etc. Seeing as how one of our TAKAgraphers is currently on the midnight to 3am vigil, we thought we'd give you a look into Kadavul Temple during rarely seen hours of the night.

Sutra 316 of the Nandinatha Sutras
Monastic Life's Fourfold Purpose
Siva's monastics lead a joyous, contented, steadfast, humble life. Their purpose is contemplation upon and love of Siva, to maintain Siva consciousness, realize the Self and uplift others while serving their satguru. Aum.

March and February Mauritius Ganesha homas

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We missed sharing the February Ganesha homa, so here is the link to that.

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