Happy Satguru Purnima 2016!

A compilation video of Kauai Aadheenam’s celebration of Satguru Purnima on July 17th, 2016. Occurring on the full moon of July, Guru Purnima is for devotees a day of rededication to all that the guru represents. It is occasioned by padapuja, ceremonial worship of the guru’s holy feet. This year’s event began at 6:00am with a parade down the San Marga pathway to the Swayambu Lingam square. There monks and devotees performed a padapuja to Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

Siva’s Devotees

Right after enjoying darshan session with Satguru, the Suresh Rajamanickam family visit the Pillaiyar Kulam and meet Shanmuganathaswami who has just returned from Europe and North America with Satguru. This final stop marks the end of their inspired and busy two-week pilgrimage.

Satguru Gives Mantra Diksha

For the last few days, female sishya and students of Saiva Siddhanta Church have been attending what is simply called their "Ladies' Retreat." Some years ago, a few of our women sishya asked Satguru if they could, amongst themselves, organize such an annual event. Upon approval, they began their yearly visit to the Aadheenam, at which they receive various classes from Satguru and our swamis on subjects such as self inquiry, meditation, jyotisha, devotional singing, hatha yoga, etc.

During the midst of this year's Ladies' Retreat, Suselah Periasamy and Toshadevi Nataraj received Mantra Diksha from Satguru today. Initiated into the daily sadhana of chanting Panchakshara, they move from this day on inward and upward to further reveal their innate divinity for themselves by themselves. Panchakshara means "five letters" in Sanskrit, and is used as a name for Namah Sivaya. Na, Ma, Si, Va, Ya.

Ladies Retreat Morning Class

The Ladies Retreat 2016 is well underway with daily classes and puja. Some of the events weren't photoed so you have to just come and see for yourself!

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