To the Father, To the Mother Mangalam (English Natchintanai)

Satguru Siva Yogaswami

Paramamesthi Guru Siva Yogaswamigal was a master songster. Singing to God was for him the panacea for the ills of his devotees. Every day his small hut in Columbuturai was full of songs. If devotees requested help, the miracle medicine he gave would be to give them a song that he wrote and sang and then ask them to sing this themselves and through this sadhana invoke Lord Siva’s grace into their own lives. “Don’t ask me…ask God yourself!”

Of course the power of his songs, known as Natchintanai was that everyone who sang them understood their meaning and through this they could visualize and manifest the “bhava” that divine feeling of transformative devotion that rises up in the heart during intense devotional practice. Because the current generation does not know Tamil, they no longer have access to this spiritual medicine. We now have a few songs in English. Though we can never match the beauty of the original, still there is power in being full cognizant of what you sing as you sing. Please enjoy this very popular Natchintanai in English. You can go here to download the audio and copy the lyrics. Thanks to those who collaborated in refining the translation, which works to be lyrical, poetic and yet true to Yogaswami’s original meaning in Tamil. Yogaswami said “Sing to melt the very stones. Worship until you fall into trance like a mad person in bliss!”

Mauritius August Natchintanai Bhajan Satsang

Here is our Mauritius Natchintanai Bhajan Satsang group gathered at the Saiva Siddhanta Church Dharmasala in Mauritius.

Satguru’s Travels

Satguru made a quick stop in Chicago to visit the Malhotra family & their 3-month old daughter Divyana. Stay tuned to for posts of his around-the-world tour.

Dancing with Siva Now in Tamil

The long-awaited Tamil language version of Gurudeva's Dancing with Siva (renamed Sivaperumanudan Oru Thirunadanam) has been published by Kannadhasan Pathippagam in Chennai. It can be ordered online from the publisher for Rs450 here: Within India the shipping is free. International orders are sent by courier.

Recent Visitors

The monastery had a wonderful adventure with the Pillay family from Victoria Island, Canada. They were here for several weeks enjoying the darshan of Kadavul temple and working out some details for an event being held near their home on Victoria Island. See the visit page for details.

The Vellumylum family returned for another pilgrimage and also enjoyed Siva's radiance. They had a nice meeting with Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and made tentative plans to visit him while in Canada at the Victoria event.

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