November 29th Malaysia seminar

Click here for more about the seminar for Saiva Siddhanta Church sishyas and advanced Himalayan Academy students

November 29th book launch in Malaysia

Click Here for more photos of History of Hindu India book launch

Ganapati Kulam Helpers

Today the Ganapati Kulam's morning meeting was joined by two extra helpers. Haran Kandadas is here for about a month making progress on some of the few remaining projects for the Media Studio's interior. Sivarathna, here for six months, just finished a month working in the Pillayar Kulam and has now joined the Ganapati Kulam for a month, thus giving him a unique understanding of the inner-workings of the monastery's many areas of service.

Dancing with Siva in Moscow

Today we received these photos taken at the official release of Gurudeva's "Dancing with Siva" in the Russian language. Dinanatha and his team have worked hard to bring this masterpiece to the Russian-speaking world. It was released at the official journalists' center in the capital city, a palatial room as you can see. Here is the short report:


I'm glad to inform you that on December 7 in the center of Moscow at the Press Center of the Central House of Journalists (, we successfully hosted the presentation of the updated color version books of Gurudeva's "Dancing with Siva." This is a great gift for all Russians, spiritual aspiring souls, Hindus, and devotees of our dear Gurudeva. Thank you all! (Dinanatha Bodhiswami).
Aum Namah Sivaya.
With love,
Dinanatha B.

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