Sunset Over the Aadheenam

One of our monks recently captured this image, as the sun was setting behind Mount Waileale.
The monks our now heading into a 3-day retreat. See you soon!
Om Namah Sivaya

A Day In The Windy City

From our traveling monks in Chicago:

This morning we grabbed some amazing espresso at the lobby cafe and moved about our way to the garfield conservatory. Satguru recommended we visit and indeed it has been the closest feeling of home since we left.

Our Traveling Monks Reach Chicago

Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami and Natyam Rajanatha are currently in the great metropolis of Chicago.

More From the Road

San Diego and Beverly Hills 2016

The monks are finished with California for now and ready to see Chicago. San Diego was a nice pace to get into before the big conference in L.A. and we felt warmed up for the days ahead. Our L.A. trip started with dinner at Maggiano's Little Italy, a nice restaurant for weddings, meetings and big or small dinners. The host, Linc Davis, was there for everything we needed and his staff was sharp. Thanks to Ravi and Sheela Visswanathan for driving the monks around and taking care of our every need.

Driving in California takes a long time! We found out it is normal to drive on the highway for 2 hours to get somewhere. That was a shock for the monks who are used to ten or twenty minute drives down the monastery hill.

The three day Sages and Scientist Symposium was jam packed with world renowned quantum physicists, brain scientists, meditators, yoga teachers, doctors of medicine and even critics were given the stage to explore the differences in belief. It was made apparent that no longer can critics have a ground to stand on, as meditation and healing studies are being objectively proven with data for all to see: the life that incorporates meditation and cosmic consciousness leads to a heightened wellness and better life experience.

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