The Brahmacharya Vrata

Today was the auspicious occasion for Archana and Divyesh Pillay, who took their Brahmacharya Vrata in front of Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

This vow of celibacy remains in place until marriage at which point it requires the two to be faithful to their partner. The fundamental reason for observing Brahmacharya before marriage is it creates a stronger, more mature relationship between husband and wife. Those who are promiscuous prior to marriage are susceptible to impulses of anger, have undefined fears, experience jealousy and other instinctive emotions.
Gurudeva explained the mystical reason behind this quite beautifully, he states that, "In virgin boys and girls the psychic nadis, the astral nerve currents that extend out into and through the aura have small hooks on the end. When a boy and girl marry the hooks straighten out and the nadis are tied one to another and they actually grow together. If the first sexual experience is premarital and the virginity is broken, the hooks at the end of the nadis also straighten out but there is nothing to grow on to, if the partners do not marry. Then when either partner marries someone else, the relationship is never as close as when a virgin boy and girl marry because their nadis dont grow together in the same way. In cases such as this, they feel the need for intellectual stimuli and emotional stimuli to keep the marriage going."
For monks and other single individuals intent on pursuing deeper realizations and higher consciousness, Brahmacharya is important for another reason. Gurudeva explains that, "Containing the sacred fluids within the body builds up a bank account through the years that makes the realization of God on the path to enlightenment a reality within the life of the individual who is single. This is called transmutation of the sexual energy. If Brahmacharya is broken through sexual intercourse, this power goes away. Therefore trying to pursue the higher goals of meditation without practicing celibacy, will clearly not lead to success."

Monkeypod and Pine Meet Shum

A few months ago Paramacharya Sadasivanatha gave a whole lot of thought to what to put in the large blank area on the facade above the guru pitham seat, called simhasana, the holy spot established by Gurudeva as the seat of authority for Kauai Aadheenam, back in the 1970s. It was time for something new. After lots of noodling and discussion, the plan that you will see manifest in this post came to be.

Honoring Iraivan Temple’s Carvers

We have been having a creative time with our Quad Copter. Please enjoy these new aerial shots of our recently installed Temple Carvers Pavilion next to Iraivan Temple. At around 2:20 the camera looks across the river to our Himalayan Acres fields, where you will see our fields of 8-foot-tall Koa trees in the foreground and behind that a large grassy field which has a few hundred coconut trees. Click the gear and watch it in HD

Gurukkals Visit Monks

Sivasri Shanmugam Sivacharyar -- son of late Sivasri Sambamurthy Sivacharyar of Kaaligambal Temple, Chennai -- and Sivasri Sundaramurthy Sivacharyar -- principal of the Saiva Agama Pathashala -- came to the monastery recently and paid their respects to the monks. Wonderful conversations were had that detailed future plans for the Iraivan mahakumbhabhishekam and spreading the culture and tradition of Sanskrit to the next generation. These two powerful priests are working with the digitized Agama project and moving that mission forward at their centers.

We thank them profusely for visiting and uplifting us all with their wonderful vibration.

Sadhu Paksha Begins

The monastery grows calm and still as our two-week period of visitor interaction slows. The sadhu paksha retreat is also a time for monks to change their meditation spot, from inside the main meditation room to outside and into the great jungles that is Kauai Aadheenam.

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