Satguru in Pittsburgh

Our monks stopped in Pittsburgh for satsang.

Ladies Retreat Classes: Lemurian Scrolls

Our members on pilgrimage had a class today with Kaivalyanathaswami on the book Lemurian Scrolls. Most of the class was taken up with amazing, thought provoking Q and A. We thank Swami for his dedication on the subject of Lemurian Scrolls and all the members for studying the material and coming with the perfect questions.

Retreat Chitra Puja to Gurudevaji

The monks and members had a contemplative chitra puja over the retreat. This was one of the first group activites for the ladies retreat. With the increase in sincere people came an increase in serenity.

Recent Pilgrims and Guests

Some photos of those who have recently come here on pilgrimage

Tour Day

The Aadheenam constantly sees a huge variety of guests, and this week was no different. This week's tour group was full of smiles and enjoyment as they walked through Siva's gardens and learned more about this special place. Afterwards they and many others stopped by the Mini Mela gift shop. Since Satguru is traveling, Paramacharya Sadasivanathaswami was found inside to answer questions and sign books. He also got to sign his first ever Wailua River Noni Juice bottle. Aum Namah Sivaya

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