Siva’s Infinite Forms

Though we do not get to see Siva's amazing diversity in our normal, patterned life, it is there, hidden in the recesses, crouched in the forest, swimming in the depths, hiding under a rock. Today we share a gallery of creatures to amaze the mind and spark our love of life's diversity. With it, a quote from the white-maned Lion of Dharma, our Gurudeva:

Living with Siva is living with everyone every reptile, fish, fowl, animal and creature, to the very smallest in a consciousness of the one life force within all of them that sustains this perfect universe. Truly, God Siva is everywhere. He is the energy within our mind manifesting thought. 

He is the thought thus made manifest. He is the light within your eyes and the feel within your fingers. God Siva is the ignorance which makes the One seem as two. He is the karma, which is the law of cause and effect, and He is the maya, which is the substance of evolution in which we become so deeply immersed that we look upon the outside world as more real than God. God Siva is all this and more. 

He is the Sun, the Earth and the spaces between. He is the revealed scriptures and those who have scribed the scriptures. He is all who seek the wisdom of scripture, too. Siva dances in every atom throughout this universe. Siva dances energetically, ceaselessly, eternally. Siva is perpetual movement. His mind is all-pervasive, and thus He sees and knows everything in all spheres simultaneously and without effort. 

Siva is the Self, and He is the energy we put forth to know the Self. He is the mystery which makes us see Him as separate from us. He is the energy of life, the power in the wind. He is the dissolution called death, the peace of motionless air. He is the great force of the ocean and the stillness on a calm lake. Siva is All and in all.

Off to the Airport!

Yesterday evening, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, Sannyasin Shanmuganathaswami and Sadhaka Mayuranatha left for the airport. The team is flying to Missouri and then to Texas. They will be returning October 13th.

Bengaluru Carving Site Ayudha Puja

Jiva recently sent us these photos of the Bengaluru Carving Site's Ayudha Puja. All of the tools are blessed followed by each worker receiving a gift.

Recent Tours

Panoramas of a few of our recent tour groups, taken with Iraivan Temple in the background.

Ayudha Puja

This past Friday, the monastery observed Ayudha Puja in our kitchen.

"Ayudha Puja" simply translates to "implement worship," and is performed on Vijayadashami - the day immediately following the last night of Navaratri.

At this time, whatever items used to do his or her profession or other duties are cleaned well, adorned with vibhuti, chandanam, and kumkum, flowers, etc. and offered arati and incense. No matter what items are being blessed, some form of printed knowledge (books, magazines, iPad, etc) are usually included.

Any tool that is personally or professionally vital to the devotee is blessed. This could include computers, motorcycles, power saws, dish washers, calculators, musical instruments, theatre make up, farming trackers, etc.

This particular Ayudha Puja was performed in the monastery's kitchen, so things such as our blender, food processor, oven and stove, cutting boards, knifes, spoons, scouring sponge, rice paddle, pots, pans and more were worshipped.

The blessings of Goddess Saraswati are invoked, as well as Lord Ganesha.

This custom is an ancient and meaningful one, with the sentiment behind it being the acknowledgement that work is worship and that the tools we use to conduct said worship are the power, the shakti, that works behind it.

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