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Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami reads his editorial from the October/November/December 2016 edition of Hinduism Today magazine. “Dharma is a complex and comprehensive term with many meanings, including religion, divine law, law of being, way of righteousness, ethics, duty, responsibility, virtue, justice, goodness and truth. In its most general sense dharma is that which sustains the orderly fulfillment of an inherent nature or destiny. It comes from the Sanskrit root dhṛ, “to sustain; carry, hold.” Thus we can say that dharma is that which sustains the cosmos, human society and each member of society. Relating to the individual soul, it is the mode of conduct most ­conducive to spiritual advancement, the right and righteous path.”

Watch a Bronze Get Made from Start to Finish

A few weeks ago, the monastery received the most recently completely bronze piece for the Temple Builder's Memorial. This piece is of two silpis moving a large, roughly hewn block of granite with iron crowbars while using a simple block of wood for leverage. In the long slideshow below we take you through the several steps required to produce a world-class bronze.

Out of curiosity, we asked chief metal craftsman in Loveland, Colorado, Bobby Page, if he was aware of any other similar project to ours. This was his response:

"In Kathy and my 34 plus years of working with thousands of artists and too many projects to count the Temple bronze's are quite unique as we have never seen or worked on a project that tells the story of a process to that scale.  I have also asked some local (old time) artisans in the area the same question and they have never heard of anything like it.

"Other than works we have done for Na Aina Kai (a world class botanical garden on Kaua`i) we can't think of any other family of bronze's. Especially workers/builders the common hands with blisters on dusty tired hands going home to rest at the end of a hard day with the echo of hammering still ringing in their ears. The countless tiny bits that get in the eyes even when glasses are worn. The missed stroke of the hammer hitting the hand or even worse marring the work.

"Holly has done such a wonderful depiction of all the pieces in the memorial that I feel quite close to them all working/looking at them, learning what they do and thinking of them as not just a work of art but people like me.

"In my opinion that is what makes this so special. They are alive in their story. And to have so many great works (literally tons) we have had a hand in on beautiful Kauai with the Monastery and Na Aina Kai is something words can't describe and I can't think of a better place.

"It is all perfect. Much Love and many thanks to all on this journey we share.


Bodhinatha’s Recent Upadesha

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Bodhinatha's Latest Upadeshas:"Accept the World, Take Responsibility" (June 28,2016)

What is happening in the world is supposed to be happening, not because God wants it to happen but because man created it. There is no advantage, as a normal citizen, to get disturbed by violence in the world. Impact your own sphere of influence by being a peaceful person, radiating compassion and concern for others. Take responsibility, realizing karma is the source, our creation, attracting the people we encounter, the experiences we go through.

Master Course Trilogy, Merging with Siva, Lesson 106.

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All About Kauai Aadheenam in Tamil

Cover of Tamil book We are pleased to release a publication in the Tamil language which tells the story of Kauai's Hindu Monastery Of America. This was researched and authored by Shanmugam Bhaskaran as for his dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts (Special) in Department of Hindu Civilization in the Faculty of Arts and Culture, Eastern University, Sri Lanka. We encourage our TAKA viewers who would like to share more about Kauai Aadheenam with Tamil only reading audience to share this post with others in India and Sri Lanka. The PDF and ePub may be downloaded by clicking here or you can go directly to the page to read on the web now by clicking here.

Time for Tempeh

First batch Natyam Dayanatha opens his first batch of tempeh and it is a success! Here at the aadheenam we try to be self-sufficient and produce everything we possibly can on our own. In this spirit, Dayanatha has singlehandedly made tofu, soy milk and now tempeh to his ever growing list of home-made awesome foods. Thanks Natyam!

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