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Hinduism Todays April/May/June 2017 issue has gone to press and is now available on your mobile phone, free of charge.

Our feature story this issue is a tour de force taking you to and through the seldom seen culture and countryside of Assam. We call it "Awesome Assam," and the awesomeness is in full view through the creative lens of photographer Thomas Kelly and in-depth interviews of correspondent Rajiv Malik. Experience the diverse religious, linguistic and cultural milieu of the state's native tribal peoples and the later migrants from elsewhere in India.
Our 16-page Insight section is Acharya Vamadeva Shastri's lucid unraveling of the four states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, deep sleep and samadhi. He particularly explores the subtle worlds of sleep, dreams and their importance in life and relationship to the higher states of mind. There are also excerpts from the writings of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami on the astral world, and selected quotes from the Upanishads on the four states.
In his Publisher's Desk editorial, Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami addresses the power of our words, specifically the importance of kindly speech. He parses four kinds of unkind speech--gossip, backbiting, joking and teasing--then shows us how to avoid these habits through focusing on courtesy, tact and sensitivity.
Science and mind studies are big in this issue. Is there a new science of consciousness evolving today? We think so, and since it has such deep resonance with Hindu mystical thought, we bring you the past, present and future of the unfolding revelations about consciousness, human perception, non-local being and more. Varun Khanna begins the journey for us in a lengthy discussion of Hinduism's contribution to the new "Science of Consciousness." Then Deepak Chopra, Rudy Tanzi and others guide the way. This field may have a tectonic impact on our future, on understanding what it is to be human, to be aware, to be evolving. A summary review of the three-day "Sages and Scientists Symposium" held in Los Angeles last September is provided by members of our editorial staff who attended.
We visit Bali for a festival of gratitude that features huge chariot-like structures called Dangssil pulled through the village. Then we explore Delhi for a survey of that city's plethora of veggie food options, Mumbai to see how the world's grandest Ganesha festival is run, and Durban to learn about an amazing TV series called "Sadhana--the Inward Path." This half-hour weekly show, the country's only Hindu series, is produced with world-class reporting and visual content.
There's more inside the magazine, including our fun Quotes & Quips with cartoon, an excerpt from recently translated Agama verses, Anant Rambachan's take on the future of Hinduism in America, and the amazing documentary film work of Benoy Behl on India's religion and traditions.

Iraivan’s Silver Naga Arrives

Today we are blessed to receive the Iraivan Sivalingam's silver naga. Hundreds of emails back and forth from the contributors to the monks about details, shipping, design and whether it could be shipped under a religious object status all had to be worked out over the past several months.

It's here finally and its future will unfold in the coming days.

Recent Visitor

The Ganapati Kulam had breakfast with long-time devotees to the monastery, Sunder and Rupinder Arora from Ottawa, Canada. This morning's meeting was on their 33rd wedding anniversary. Sunder and Rupinder have been visiting the monastery every year since 2001! The group had an insightful time discussing current projects, and also had the chance to talk about Sunder's book, Ushering in Heaven. Here is an excerpt from Chapter 3, Awareness: "I am often asked, "Is technology bad? Should we go back to the simplified life of the past?" In the final analysis, technology is neither good nor bad. It is like music; its quality depends on the player. You can either create a symphony or noise. This same technology in the hands of an awakening person can help speed up his or her spiritual growth." The book is available on Amazon

One Island, Many Peoples, All Kauaians

Two days back the monastery was in a local newspaper, our Garden Island, with a stress on our work in the community in agriculture and water management. Today we received this sweet note from our ex-mayor Maryanna Kusaka. You may remember that she danced a hula with Gurudeva at his birthday party in 1998. She took him through some hula steps, then he reciprocated, showing her some manipuri dance forms. It was a sweet moment for our island residences to witness. The photo above is the mayor at a ceremony when the monastery adopted a policeman as community service. Here is her note from today:
Congratulations to your community! Great spread in the paper and so well-deserved of some acknowledgement. It is hard to grasp the amount of work you all have accomplished in just the few short years you all have been here all in your very humble and quiet way. We all love sharing the joy and pride you must feel when you realize how impactful your efforts have been. You really share the true meaning of Aloha when you share unconditionally for sure. I thank you on behalf of our island community - please give my best to Bodinathaswami. I am sure he is very busy these days as all of you are with all your many projects. My genuine aloha, Maryanne Kusaka

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