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General Plans for Your 2013-2014 Digital Dharma Drive Contributions

As you may know, we have spent the past year renovating the Media Studio, the circa 1959 facility in which the monks produce all of the books, magazine, art, websites, videos and teachings. We last made major improvements to the space 28 years ago, setting it up as a print shop, with two printing presses, a folder, a phototypesetter, process camera and light tables. In the nineties, we converted the space into a digital publications center using salvaged goods from a defunct hotel sale. It was a quaint space, with a priceless view, but weary and worn.

The publications building is just 100 feet from Kadavul Temple. Aside from being the nexus of the monastery's world outreach activities, it is a key place for hosting visitors. It was time to bring it into the 21st century, so we worked to gather a team. For the last year most of the work has been done by the monks and a task force of volunteers, rather than by costly hired carpenters (though there were some of those, too). We are even using our own lumber, milled from island trees, for the wooden elements. It has taken a lot of work and money. We plan to finish in the months ahead. Like last year, one half of each dollar from this year's Digital Dharma Drive will go to the Media Studio renovation and one half to ongoing web improvements, digital assets, ebooks and other projects. We hope you are inspired by all of this.

How Your Past Donations Were Used

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