Aum Saravanabhava mantra, Monastery for ladies, Merging with Siva

A cyberspace devotee wonders if he needs to be initiated into the mantra "Aum Saravanabhava". Gurudeva says the first step is to become a member of the Hindu religion and in Saivite Hinduism this is the first mantra given before mantra diksha initiation. A cyberspace devotee from Mauritius is wondering about joining a monastery for ladies. Gurudeva says there are many monasteries for ladies headed by wonderful lady Gurus and it is possible for her to join this. Another cyber devotee from Maryland wants to merge with Siva and wonders if this is possible for him. Gurudeva says that the energy in his body is coming from Siva and that this is a form of merging with Siva. Gurudeva also says that detachment from the world is an essential criteria and that the best advice is to close off the lower nature.

Photo of  Gurudeva
The causal plane is the abode of Lord Siva and His entourage of Mahadevas and other highly evolved souls who exist in their own self-effulgent form--radiant bodies of centillions of quantum light particles.