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Tyeif Prayer Fonts:

Aum Font

Unicode Fonts

Himalayan Academy Publications and Hinduism Today are transitioning to the use of Unicode fonts for all foreign language texts. The following lists are for sevaks doing translation work. Please, be very certain you install and are using a unicode font on your system for the work you are doing for us. Any one of these fonts will server your needs.

Font support

We are unable to provide support for your keyboard, please check the resources associated with these fonts to learn how to type in Unicode for the font you have installed. You can Google, for example "unicode, keyboard, Hindi, Mac OS" or "Unicode, keyboard, Tamil, Windows"

Spanish, English and French

NOTE: For Spanish, English and French use Arial Unicode MS or Lucinda Sans Unicode which are typically already installed on most systems.

Indic Fonts





Additional resources

Enabling Foreign Language Fonts on your computer.