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Atmartha Puja Siva Dipam

Atmartha Puja Avahanam

Atmartha Puja Dhyanam

Atmartha Puja Arghyam

Atmartha Puja Achamanam

Atmartha Puja Abhishekam

Atmartha Puja Alankaram

Atmartha Puja Mangalakshatan

Atmartha Puja Dhupam

Atmartha Puja Dipam

Atmartha Puja Naivedyam

Atmartha Puja Asamarpanam

Atmartha Puja Ashtottara

Atmartha Puja Mantra Pushpam

Atmartha Puja Arati

Atmartha Puja Rakshadharanam

Atmartha Puja Arpanam

Atmartha Puja Visarjanam

Bolo Bolo Samila Bolo

  Sung by: Meera and Manu Kondapi

Kantha Muruga

aadi talam as tisra nadai:tha-khi-tha-,tha-khi-tha-,tha-khi-tha-

Loka Samasta Sukino Bhavantu

  Sung by: Unknown

A prayer for all beings in the world to be happy.

Siva Siva Thondan

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Simple bhajan invoking the parampara

Kadavul Kovil Ganapati

  Sung by: Michael Fernando

Chandrashekaraaya Nama Aum

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Singing Guide: the leader may vary repetitions of the beginning lines. This song may be done slowly as...

Maha Ganapatim

  Sung by: Meera and Manu Kondapi

This is a the traditional Carnatic invocation for Lord Ganesha that is usually taught as one of the...

Ganapati Natha

  Sung by: Adi Sankara


  Sung by: Ramesh Bhai Oza

Shantam Padmasanastam

  Sung by: Adi Sankara

Atthuvitha Porul

  Sung by: Premila & Jambalini Manick

See page 167 if Good Thoughts book. This melody adapted from the version sung by MS Selvarajah All...

Maragatha Mayilmeyl

  Sung by: Brahmanathaswami

Bodhinatha Siva

  Sung by: Adi Sankara

Sankara Sadasiva Chandrashekara

  Sung by: Sornumbal Mardemootoo

Bhavani-Shankari Parvathi

  Sung by: Meera and Manu Kondapi

Bodhinatha Saranam Deva

  Sung by: Sornumbal Mardemootoo

Maanasa Bhajare Guru Charanam

  Sung by: Sornumbal Mardemootoo

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Veylanswami, My Shining Star

  Sung by: Sornumbal Mardemootoo

starts before the downbeat (on "ru")