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Saravanaa Sivakumaraa

  Sung by: Vishal Balu

Mrtyunjaya Nama Aum

  Sung by: Vishalam Balu

Kandaa Kumaraa Vadivelaa

  Sung by: Vishalam Balu

Jaya Jaya Jaya Gananaayaka

  Sung by: Vishalam Balu

Chandrashekaraaya Nama Aum

  Sung by:

Ganesha Saranam, Saranam Ganesha

  Sung by: Vishalam Balu


  Sung by: Tiruthani Swaminathan

This is the most famous of all of the songs by Saint Manickavasagar. The 95 lines of the...

To the Father, to the Mother, Mangalam

  Sung by: Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami

This is a lyrical English version of the popular Tamil Natchintanai titled "Appanukkum Ammaikkum Mangalam" thanks to Sheela Venkatakrishanan and...

Ganapati Bappa Morayaa

  Sung by: Jagjit Singh

This song was taken from YouTube. We do not know the artist, but it is a good Ganesha...