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Bodhinatha Visits Mauritius, November 2011, Arrival

Mauritius 17th November, 2011: Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami, accompanied by Sannyasin Saravananathaswami and Sannyasin Siddhanathaswami arrived in Mauritius and...


Bodhinatha Visits Mauritius, November 2011, Goodlands

Satguru Bodhhinatha Veylanswami was invited by the Goodlands Siva Suppramaniar Temple to give a Talk at the temple....


Bodhinatha In Mauritius, November 19, 2011, Monks Activities

The day before yesterday, my self and swami spent the whole morning at the Spiritual Park taking a...


Bodhinatha in Mauritius, November 19, 2011, Academy Meetings

On November 19, Bodhinatha met all the enrolled MC students and Saivite Hindu Religion catalysts at the Ebony...


Bodhinatha in Mauritius, November 20, 2011, Youth Day

On Sunday 20th November all our Mauritius sishyas turned up at at Domaine de Lagrave, a nature reserve...


Bodhinatha in Mauritius, November 22, 2011, Grand Bassin Part II

This is another series of photos covering some activities in Mauritius on the recent trip in November. This...


Mauritins, November 2011, Visiting Grand Bassin, Part I

On Tuesday, November 22nd, Youdananda Munian drove Saravananathaswami and Siddhanathaswami to Grand Bassin to scout locations for future...


Bodhinatha visits Sivan Suppiramaniyar Kovil in Mauritius

On 12th of March, Bodhinatha visited the Sivan Suppiramaniyar Kovil of Goodlands here in Mauritius.

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July/August/September 2010 Issue Summary

The Editor-in-Chief of Hinduism Today magazine highlights the features of the July/August/September 2010 issue.