Robert Hansen visits Hindu Temples and Arrives in Jaffna

a. Kandiah Chettiar befriended the American, taking him to the small, traditional temples in Colombo, where Robert discovered Lord Ganesha and other Gods of Hinduism. The two moved through the city like old friends

b. When he wanted to attend the temple regularly, Robert was called before a council of Saivite elders and interviewed in detail about his intentions and his under- standing of Hinduism. After assessing his sincerity, they allowed him to come freely. c. Finally, Kandiah Chettiar drove Robert from Colombo to his home in the North. They stopped at Elephant Pass, where Saivites worship Lord Ganesha under a tree. This is considered the spiritual gateway to Jaffna, the stronghold of Ceylon’s Tamil Saivite community.

Image of Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami
"Tomorrow I shall wake up filled with energy, creatively alive and in tune with the universe." Say this several times to yourself and feel the spiritual force begin to move, the life force begin to move, within your body.