Ulagelam Unnanthattho

Tirumurai: Twelve Periapuranam (Thiruthondar Puranam) chEkkizAr (Sekilaar) worshiped Lord Nataraja at chithambaram. Lord Siva gave him the first word to start the epic as "Ukagelam"

  • Genre: tirumurai Deity: Siva
  • Artists: Rajkumar Manickam
  • Transliteration

    Ulakelaam unarn thoathar kariyavan
    nilavu laaviya neermali vae'niyan
    alakil jothiyan ampalath thaaduvaan
    malarsi lampadi vaalthi va'nangkuvaam.


    He who is rare to be comprehended
    And expressed in words by all the worlds;
    In His crest rest the crescent and the flood;
    Limitless is His effulgence;
    He dances in the Ambalam.
    We hail and adore His ankleted flower-feet.

    Another version of Translation

    The One, Who is difficult for the world to experience and explore out !
    The One with moon wandering, water brimming Hair !
    Illuminant beyond any scales (to measure) !
    Dances in the common (thirucciRRambalam hall) !
    His Floral cilambu ornamented Feet, (we) hail, salute !!

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