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Gurudeva’s Statement — Attack on America

We were honored today with the presence of Sri Chinmoy and some 200 of his devotees who are on the island of Kauai for a week or so on their way on a “peace mission” to Thailand, Myanmar and other Asian countries. As a tribute to Gurudeva, Sri Chinmoy asked for some of the swamis to come to his hotel where he would honor Gurudeva in his usual inimitable fashion: by lifting the swamis and also presenting songs by his famed and very fine choir. On the right here he is with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.


Meanwhile, a continuous stream of testimonies, news reports and tributes to Gurudeva are coming into the Aadheenam. We will share some of these over time. This was a recent letter to the editor of a local newspaper by someone who happened to meet Gurudeva… She writes in her letter to the Garden Island newspaper which had just a few days before printed a front page tribute to Gurudeva:

To the Forum:

Thank you for paying tribute to Gurudeva at his passing. My husband and I had the profound privilege of knowing Gurudeva and working with him in the Islandwide Vision group. We knew him to be a wise and generous spirit with an easy laugh and a wonderful twinkle in his eyes. We also knew of the many gifts he and his monks gave to the island with no expectation of acknowledgement. We did not know, until now, the enormous impact Gurudeva has had throughout the world, especially the world of Hinduism. He was and will remain an inspiration for millions of people.

I last saw Gurudeva at a meeting of our Vision group which he attended on September 23rd, even though he had recently returned from a long trip and was not feeling well. The group, which includes many of Kauai’s leaders, discussed the terrorist attacks � how they might affect us and what we should do.

Calmly, Gurudeva urged us to take the opportunity to address the terrorism and chemical warfare in our own community. By this he meant the terrorism of domestic violence and chemical warfare of drug abuse. Peace begins at home, he reminded us, and where we can make the most difference is in our own community. I pass this message on to those of us who want to honor Gurudeva. In addition to contributing to the work of his monastery, let us dedicate ourselves to helping Kauaians free this island from our own forms of terror. Ending domestic violence and drug abuse would be a fitting tribute to this great man.


Mary and Bill Chase

Title: Appreciation

Category: Good Conduct

Duration: 8 minutes 6 seconds

Date Given: November 24, 2001

Date Posted: November_26_2001

Given by: Bodhinatha

Cybertalk: Many times we don’t tell people how much we appreciate them. A
bird visited us for lunch a number of days in a row and took some food each
day. One day after it had taken some food and left the bird came back and
expressed its appreciation by singing a beautiful song. Correcting someone
is much more effective if we are appreciating them a lot at other times.

Cybertalk Ends”
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Sri Chinmoy would lift up each of the swamis and at the same time his devotees would sing their “Peace Mantra” “Uplifting the world with oneness of heart.”

Sri Chinmoy is widely known for his programs to inspire will power in his devotees with the goal of self-transcendence. While much of his external exploits of weighing lifting and his devotees breaking world records in sporting events and finding a place in the Guiness Book of records have gained notoriety, Sri Chinmoy has always taught a profound path of personal transformation and meditation. In fact, he is one of the few spiritual teachers who, like Gurudeva, have spoken about the transcendent realization of Nirvikalpa Samadhi as being even beyond the experience of the lower samadhi of Satchidananda.

The Sri Chinmoy choir is very accomplished and today they sang two songs, one to Gurudeva and one for Hinduism Today, written by Sri Chinmoy himself, describing the greatness of Gurudeva and the mission of his magazine, Hinduism Today.

Nearly all the close devotees of Sri Chinmoy are brahmacharis and brahmacharinis. Here on the left is Ashrita Furman, Sri Chinmoy’s “right hand man” who has performed many feats of endurance and broken many world records and has found himself a place in the Guiness Book of World Records. Vidagdha Bennett on the right, helps with distribution of Hinduism Today among the devotees in New York.

This lovely banner is held up every time Sri Chinmoy lifts up someone… the message speaks for itself.

Afterwards Sri Chinmoy offers a small gift to each of the swamis and also Sadhaka Mahadevan.

This is the choir again, singing in honor of Gurudeva.

Sri Chinmoy makes his offerings of appreciation to the swamis…

Each of the monks he lifted up was also given a “medal” of appreciation. Please listen to Bodhinatha’s talk today for more about appreciation. Here also is a beautiful letter of appreciation from some devotees who came to Kauai Aadheenam during Gurudeva’s fast and passage, during which a daily satsang was held with the Acharyas and also an email report of Gurudeva’s condition was sent out daily to close devotees. This was sent to the Aadheenam on Thanksgiving day.


On a day that every one gives thanks for one’s blessings, we remember the ones very dear to our hearts and send you our thanks.

While we all feel the loss of our beloved Gurudeva, we know that the pain and loss that all of you at the aadheenam have experienced in the last 45 days is profound and beyond words. Yet in the midst of it all you chose to comfort all of us with your wise words and insight. For that, we thank you.

While most others who experience death of a loved one go through stages of grief and anger, you chose instead to see the beauty of the process of passing and chose to share it with us. For this, we thank you.

For the tireless vigil you held night and day for 35 days, you could have become bitter and depleted. Instead you chose the path of kindness and compassion. And then at 11:30 PM every day you made the time to talk about your day with much eloquence. For setting such an example of caring, we thank you.

It seems that many faithful pilgrims came to Kauai to be a part of this great event. Hosting many people at a trying time like this can be stressful. Instead you made it a point to welcome and comfort every one of them and as always were a most gracious host. For teaching us such grace, we thank you.

I once told you how lucky you were to always be in the radiance of such a great One as Gurudeva. Now I have some thing else to remind you. I think Gurudeva was equally lucky to be surrounded by ones as wise and loving as all of you.

Even through his dying process, Gurudeva made sure we continue to learn our lessons in loving, caring, sharing and then the hardest one. The lesson of carrying on without him. It is now our turn to be strong.We must enliven our lives with all that he taught us. And we will. Such is the magic of our dear sweet friend, our Gurudeva.

Our best wishes to Satguru Bodhinatha Velyanswami. We thank him for his wise words as he led us through this difficult transition. We look forward to the future with joy, hope and a huge smile.

Say hello to all our friends at the Aadheenam.

With all our love,

Innersearch postponed

Due to the horrific tragedies of September 11th, Himalayan Academy has indefinitely postponed the Canadian Innersearch scheduled to leave next July. Please be assured, we will re-schedule the Innersearch, but only when the present insecurity around the world settles down. Until then, if you are planning to go on a future Innersearch program, continue to set aside a little income each month in a special fund.

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