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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sun One begins a new phase with Bodhinatha looking bright during his weekly upadesha after the homa. He spoke this morning on Gurudeva’s teaching that one must become simple, direct and uncomplicated in order to experience Parasivam. It is the intellect that makes things complicated. “Concepts are not the goal,” he explained, “we must transcend the intellect to experience God.”

Nina Anand family and relatives visited for the first time from San Francisco Bay Area. They are friends of sishyas Hotranatha and Punita Ajaya. Had a wonderful visit to Iraivan and first darshan with Bodhinatha. Nina’s family recently became lifetime subscribers to Hinduism Today.

It’s the height of summer and the sun is already up at 6 am.

Trishul Siddharthan is here from Miami on a 10-day task force program.

Blue is a popular color today…

Something from the past… a picture of adoration…

On February 16th Bodhinatha was invited to be present for the inauguration of a great, new Siva temple being opened in Karnataka state. The inspiration behind the temple is none other than our own Sri Sri Balagangadharanathaswami, who has been so instrumental in the building of Iraivan over the years. This photo is taken at a high point in the consecration ceremonies.

Our Bilwa Trees Are Fruiting!

Lord Siva is said to sit under the bilwa tree. This year one of our trees out by San Marga is giving a lot of fruit.

The flesh inside is highly potent and highly prized for it’s medicinal value.

Retreat Fun in the Carpentry Shop

As a side project, Kumarswami made a cricket bat for the silpis. Cricket is one of their favorite sports. Tourists and local marvel at their games at the beach on their outings. Here Manickandan is holding the finished project, made from cyprus wood.

Manickandan was the mastermind and designer of the bat. A couple retreats ago he was talking to Dandapani about a bat to replace the makeshift one they have been using, and Acharya handed him a piece of lumber that seemed to be about the right size. While other silpis continued chatting, he went off to the side and began making pencil marks on the board to indicate where to cut and trim. Thus, a bat was marked out, in silpi style. They are all delighted with the outcome and look forward to their next game!

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