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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Bodhinatha and Yoginathaswami arrived home today after a long 36-hour travel from Singapore. Yoginathaswami took our new silpis and sthapati to the silpis house directly. We will feature them tomorrow.

Coming back to Kadavul temple is always a blissful moment after being away.

Kauai From the South

Bodhinatha sent this marvelous shot from the airplane on approaching Kauai Island.

Events of Bodhinatha’s Visit to Johor Bahru

We have 4 sets of slides to show you over the next few days from Johor Bahru. With captions sent by Ravichandran. We begin to day with the arrival and the evening event at the temple

The elegant Nissan Camry driven by Mr. Mogan arrives at Doorsett Hotel, Johor Jaya with HH Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami & Yoginathaswami, Monday, the 25th.

Another of our Johor team, Madhu Narayanan also has some photos at on Google’s, Picasaweb

preparing for Satguru’s arrival (at home)

Satguru’s arrival at hotel

Prep at Ganesha temple, Satguru at temple and Jalan Jalan (sight Seeing) breakfast and lunch with Satguru.

One by one prostrated on the holy feet of Satguru. What a wonderful feeling to have Satguru in Johor Bahru!

Flower garlands for Satguru.

“Nice to have everyone here”, says Satguru

Satguru steps into the temple.

Satguru arrives sharp 7.30pm at Arulmigu Sithivinayagar temple, Johor Jaya

Koodam, tatthu & vesthi for “pada cleansing” ceremony.

Madhu performs “pada cleansing”.

Satguru walks towards temple

Yoginathaswami looks on…

Nathan, Madhu and Ravichandran Ceyon at Doorsett Hotel – waiting Satguru’s arrival to check in.

Satguru enters temple.

Place where Satguru will sit and deliver upadesa’- Part of What is Hinduism?

Gurudeva had been to Johor Bahru couple of decades ago and His Holiness presence is significantly felt!

Satguru in preparation for a keynote talk.

Event started with “tillana” – Bharatha Natyam opening dance

Section of a fully packed temple hall.

The temple was really, really packed with devotees.

..crowd extends till to the back of the temple..

Front view…

Bharatha Natyam by 6 wonderful kids!

Satguru enjoys cultural dance!

The crowds overflowed and many viewed “Iraivan” CD played on a projector within temple compound.

Mogan hands over 12 copies of What Is Hinduism Book? to Satguru to be handed over to temple committee who had purchased them earlier.

Waiting for “vibuthi blessing”

More photos from Johor tomorrow.

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