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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Bodhinatha is back and resting after a long journey. He will be leaving again for Singapore in 2 weeks.

Today is the last day of our short 4-day phase.
This edition of TAKA will remain posted
over our coming two-day retreat,
until Prathama Tithi, Sun One, Sunday, August 31st.

The big news of the day is the arrival of three new men on the Iraivan Temple Team. After a two-year delay in the visa process, they were finally issued and their entry yesterday into USA was very smooth.

Yoginathaswami writes:

“Chidambaram Sthapati, (Center), Silpi Kannan and Silpi Lokesh as they just arrived at the Lihue airport yesterday.

“All three of them joined the Bangalore Iraivan Temple work site late 1993 and now arrived Kauai together. They’ve been with us nearly 15 years!”

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Iraivan shines in the morning sunlight of a truly beautiful day.

Our visitors today from L/R, Ricardo Morano from upstate New York who is visiting Kauai for a few weeks. Next to him are Olga and Ray Barenchi from Lakewood, CA. Also a family from Chennai, (now residing on Kaneohe, Oahu) Muthukumar and Anupana with their two children, Karishma (age 8) and hanging from his father’s back and giving a “shaka” sign is 4 year old Pratyush. Muthukumar and his wife were here just one year ago and are making this temple their pilgrimage site.

Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Mahaswamiji Visits the Wood Shop

We found a few photos on one of our iphones from Sri Sri Sri Jayendra Puri Mahaswamiji’s visit.

He was very interested in everything the monks do here. We took him to the carpentry shop which is master minded by Acharya Kumarswami, who is here showing him some Japanese planes.

The guests try their hand at planing.

Swamiji tries this Japanese saw.

Johor Bahru Events Continued

Bodhinatha said at lunch today at the Aadheenam that one of the highlights of this trip was the temple visit to Johor. Even the temple trustees were surprised that 800 people came and they had to order more food at the last minute. Bodhinatha says the interest has changed from just the novelty of a event. People are seriously interested in the teachings. Young children who normally run out, were glued to the screen during Bodhinatha’s presentation.

Much of the success is due to the hard work of our sishya there and here is a behind the scenes report from Ravichandran.

“Last minute preparations, a day before the event. Gowri “akka”, Dr Dharma, Nathan drove down from Klang. Madhu’s home was turned into our “opearation center”!

Iraivan’s information note handouts – contact numbers

Dr Dharma and Nathan prepares a beautiful banner!

Dr Dharma with Mr Manimaran discuss events minutes.

With Yoginathaswami at Doorsett Hotel.

Nityasankaran helping at the books sale booth.

Banners at Iraivan booth

Mr and Mrs Mogan with Nityasankaran at book sales booth

A series of conceptual drawings from TAKA were displayed to show how Gurudeva visioned Iraivan Temple as part of floor-tile sponsor promotion.

Young temple priest from India was looking for an old Hinduism magazine and proudly pointed out his picture at “Pillayarpatti” – priest training “kulam” – 2003 issue.

Ganapathi taalam CD release. Mr Manimaran a prominent devotional song producer released a CD in conjunction with this event. Satguru launched his CD. He had offered his help to do a similar CD on Yogaswami’s Natchinthanai songs. He said that it was a miracle to have Satguru to launch his CD and felt blessed indeed!

Satguru with Arulmigu Sithivinayagar temple trustees. They’d given 100% support, a united and wonderful team.

Aum Sivaya! Satguru with Singapore sishyas!

Great to have our Singapore sishyas attending this event. Thank You soo much!

Great banner, beautiful and eye catching. It enhances Satguru’s presence greatly!

Temple’s ladies wing having a group picture with Satguru. Stunning in orange silky sarees. They’re a united team with single mind and focus in assisting temple management providing able “seva”.

Mrs Uma (Thanam) with Yoginathaswami. Drove all the way from Singapore, braving the usual causeway traffic jam. Manage to locate the temple, albeit a slight detour!!

Amazing ! Can you see Gurudeva here?

Yoginathaswami beside banner.

Bodhinatha sits quietly after the event next to a wonderful marble statue of Lord Ganesha

Our Natha’s Pada

Mr Paramsivam of Melaka, a recent devotee of Satguru presented a granite-tile frame with Satguru’s picture on it.

“Here’s my autograph and blessing” Satguru signing What is Hinduism Book? to a devotee who bought the book earlier.

Kids presented Satguru “Ganapathi Taalam” CD to Satguru for launching.

“Golden shawl for Satguru”

Temple committee receiving “CD” from Satguru.

Mr Paramsivam with Satguru

Dato’ S. Balakrishnan, Temple Chairman – We thanked him for his great support and gesture of goodwill.

Satguru listening while the kids danced to “Ganapathi Taalam” song tune.

Cute little Bharatha Natyam dancer and her sister (daughters of Mr Manimaran)

Satguru delivers part/section of What is Hinduism? to an attentive audience.

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