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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Here is Bodhinatha in transit. About ready to fly off to Taipei…

Meanwhile at home the weather has cleared for our Iraivan team to raise up more beams to the roof.

On hand to watch is Tim Mize and his wife Krista and son Evan. Tim is a web designer from Pennsylvania who is here on Kauai to help us redesign our Hinduism Today and Hindu Heritage Endowment web sites.

Here is Tim at work discussing the new web interface for HHE with Yogi Jivanandanatha

Tim has a great background for working with the Ganapati Kulam. In earlier years he worked for several publications and was responsible for porting those print editions to the web.

Their 4-year old boy Evan is very shy to talk but always has a bright happy smile..

You can check out Tim’s work at his web site Crafted

Evan checks out an orchid

The 12 Shum meditations booklet is available at our web store.

It includes Gurudeva’s famous “Preparation for Meditation” instructions.

Innersearch Team Take Off

The first photos in from our team are from the airport last night…

Our team is wired… getting work done and staying in touch while they travel

Hot drinks anyone?

“Luggage Logistics” is a big part of Innersearch

Good bye Kauai! See you in February!

Gurudeva Remembered in Florida

Gurudeva’s Jayanthi Satsangam in Florida

Gurudeva Sivaya Subramuniyaswami’s Jayanthi was joyfully celebrated with a Satsangam at Mrs. Vimala Selvaratnam’s home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Rishi Thondunathan with the Mrs. Selvaratnam’s mother, the presiding Grandma of the home who was inspired to hold this Satsangam. She had met Yogaswami and Gurudeva many years ago in Sri Lanka.

Devotees from the local community attended the event.

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