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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Here is Bodhinatha meditating at the Orchid Mandapam on a quiet retreat day a few weeks ago…

Not much news from our team, internet access is limited in Cambodia. Bodhinatha writes:

“We arrived in Siem Reap Sunday and settled in. Today Monday we are getting ready for the first event of the innersearch which is tomorrow morning.”

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Our visitors arrived from all over the Mainland today.

From the left – Guru Rao Lakshmi from Buffalo, NY (originally Bangalore). Santosh and Karuna Krinsky from Racine, WI. Ardie Jewell with her two daughters from Idaho. Anne and Steve Hyle from Reno NV, and Rupal and Vishal Mehta from LA (orginally Ahmedabad, India.

All (with the exception of Santosh and Karuna) had heard about the temple from relatives and friends who had previously visited here.

Santosh and Karuna Krinsky have been connected with the Kauai Aadheenam through their Company – Lotus Press – since the 1970’s and, although they have been here before, they were amazed to see the progress of the Iraivan Temple and thorougly enjoyed their tour there today.

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