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Update From Innersearch in Malaysia

The Innersearch is now on retreat for a few days of study together on the island of Langkawi of the Northwest coast of Malaysia.

Bodhinatha writes:

Today was our fourth day, Fri Jan 18th, of innersearch activities. We flew from Siem Reap to Kuala Lumpur, had lunch arranged by our members, then flew to Langkawi Island in Malasyia. Our meditation satsangs start tomorrow.

Meanwhile we offer you links to slide shows of the San Marga Donor Appreciation Event in Kuala Lumpur held on the evening of the arrival in Malaysia, on the 12th.

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Three families arrived for the morning puja today. Harish and Asmita Doshi with their children, Anjali, Mili, and Kalindi all originally from Gujarat, now residing in New Jersey. Center with stroller is Santosh and Ami Govindaraju with their two children Vinay (age 4) and baby Samay in stroller. All from Mysore, now residing in Tampa, FL , and on his knees beside stroller is Mukund Joshi from Newark, DE.

Also with our group is Dr. Mark Johns from Chicago and Amanda Beno and Eric Marsh from Prescott, AZ.

Amanda and Eric in front of the Lion pillars.

Blessing Larry Conklin’s Crane

Larry Conklin has been a key element in the work on the Iraivan temple through the years.

He recently acquired a new crane and asked if the monks would give it a Hindu blessing.

Larry’s expertise in hoisting and riggin has been a boon for all the Siddhidata Kulam monks.

This ceremony was held in the morning of Thai Pongal.

After the morning pongal puja an extra special vehicle blessing was performed by Yoginathaswami.

Our silpis light the lamps

Larry considers his work for the temple one of the best things he has in his life.

The arati is taken all around the crane.

Next we bless the inside, driver’s seat.

The offerings are given to Larry after the puja

Larry’s friends enjoy some Hindu Prasadam…

Larry chats with the monks. Shortly after this he went out to Anna Purna Gardens to make his first hoist with the new crane: putting the statue of Lord Ganesha into the garden… that show comes tomorrow.


A New Building for the Siddhidata Kulam

our Siddhidata Kulam has been living out of an office trailer for many years. Plans have been in the works to build a new building and slow by slow, the team is working their way toward that goal. They recently cleared some areas for the future structure and now the first thing to do is move the old office… a Big Job!

First we reinstall the “tongue” at the front.

The area where it will be moved to is being levelled.

More news on the new building in the months ahead. It’s a very interesting project. In part, because the Yoginathaswami and his team are designing it all themselves! As part of their on-going kulam training and advancement in skills and knowledge.

There is nothing like an actually building to bring all the ideas down to earth. Literally!

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