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News from 2008 Asian Odyssey Innersearch

It is a quiet day at the Aadheenam and the innersearch team is pretty much incommunicado as they are on retreat now at Tiruvannamalai.

We do have a short report from Bodhinatha.

“Om Sivaya everyone,

“Today was our eleventh day, Fri Jan 25th, of innersearch activities. We went to the main Siva temple at TIruvannamalai in the morning. First we had a homa for a little over an hour which included Samaya Diksha for Karti Katir.

“This was followed by attending the abhishekam for the Sivalingam and then the abhishekam for the Parvati. Each was also about an hour. The swamis were able to attend the entire time while the innersearchers took turns and only saw about five minutes of each abhishekam.

“Afternoon was an optional walk part way up Arunachala Hill to Skanda Ashram. Evening a meditation at Ramana Ashram.”


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