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News from 2008 Asian Odyssey Innersearch

Today Innersearch moved on from Rameshvaram south to Tuticorin and Kanya Kumari. Palaniswami was able to get a number of slide show thru with the help of one of the innersearchers at an internet cafe along the way.

Here is Bodhinatha in Kuala Lumpur honoring Swami Guha Bhaktananda. More in today’s slide shows.

Innersearch Slide Show Links

Note: To see the full-sized images and captions, click on the thumbnails

Today we bring you the last of the series from Malaysia and the transit to India. These slide shows cover innersearch events from on the 23rd and 24th. And one from the 16th.


Chitra Puja at the Aadheenam

Today was the auspicious monthly puja for our beloved Gurudeva.

Sadhaka Nilakantha and Sadhaka Tejadevanatha are the pujaris today.

Jai Gurudeva!

Vaidyisa Bala poses for a photo beside a bronze statue of Child Saint Jnanan Sambandar who taught Saivism to the Tamil people during the 7th century.

Vaidyisa is here on Kauai from Edmonton, Canada for his annual monthly pilgrimage. Now retired he teaches Saivism to the Hindu children (ages 5 though 18 yrs) in his community in Edmonton. They memorize the Tirukural verses and study books One through Four of the Six book series on the Saivite Hindu Religion by Sat Guru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami and Sat Guru Bodhinatha Veylanswami. Vaidyisa states that the students are all doing very well since he started the classes just three years ago and now plans to create a program for the parents.

He is here for several weeks and doing various Sivathondu task to help out at the temple.

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