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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Here is Bodhinatha at a function in Malaysia. He will be there again in a few days. Only 5 days to innersearch

The Patel family who live in Texas, Mrunal, wife Padmaja and daughter Pooja, has sponsored a Suko Thai lunch for all the monks. They were here for Mahasamadhi and have made very generous contributions towards Iraivan. This is a picture from their last pilgrimage. If they are looking in on TAKA we send them all a big ALOOOOHA! from Hawaii to Texas. Thank you!

In house production in full swing for the coming innersearch… Here we have a wonderful pamphlet by Bodhinatha to the Hindu priests. It is in Tamil and English and will be given out in Pillaiyarpatti when he gets there after the innersearch.

It tells about the importance of clarifying our Hindu denominations and encouraging the priests to clarify what sampradaya and tradition their temple is rooted in.

Everything must fit in these bags!

Study guide

hatha yoga guide with sheet showing how to do Surya Namaskar

Time to start wrapping and packing…

Sadhaka Dandapani has been doing an incredible job with all the logistics. Here he is at his command center in the middle of the Pacific.

Our cats are in bliss today as we have the first day with out rain in nearly 45 days!

The chocolate perfumed orchid

Sadhaka Satyanatha is processing some sound and video files.

A quick in-house reprint of Gurudeva’s Toolbox was output on our new Xerox copier, trimmed and bound in house… like the old days.

On the east side of Kadavul the Siddhidata Kulam is doing some major renovations of the landscape and erecting a beautiful bamboo wall and gate.

Yoginathaswami, with our Caterpillar Skidsteer back hoe. digging out tree stumps.

A walk about the Aadheenam…

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