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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Only 4 days left to Innersearch… A quiet intensity is in the air.

Upon the urging of a friend, this lovely family arrived to attend the morning puja in the Kadavul Siva Temple. Originally from Mangalore, South India, they now live on Oahu, Hawaii.

Following a tour the Iraivan Temple, they posed for a group photo. From right to left – Govind and Tara Shenoy with six year old Kathan; Krishna and Damodar Shenoy and their other son, 12 year old Kedar Shenoy.

Coleus Gardens of Kauai Aadheenam

Sadhaka Jothinatha has been working through the years on the landscaping at the front entrance to the monastery.

Upon entering the Aadheenam grounds, one is treated to a kaleidiscope of color and visual wonder of the Coleus Garden. A display of a multitude of patterns and colors beyond imagination…

The humble herbaceous coleus plant is self-pollinating and constantly amazing us with new displays of colors we haven’t see before.

Lord Siva’s designers are the best!

Last year a group of gardeners met one of the swamis here, where the coleus grow. They informed us that they belong to the Coleus Growers of Northern California.

Then they said, “This is quite an experience for us. Where we live, coleus grow to about 10-15 inches in height. Some of these are four feet tall. We’ve never seen them flourish like this. Just what do you fertilize them with?”

Our answer, “Nothing. They just love the climate here.”

And so they do…

Shows what love does to a garden, just like it does to a person.

Gurudeva Jayanthi 2008 in Sri Lanka

The Thirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam in Sri Lanka celebrated Gurudeva’s Jayanthi, 2008 and sends these photos. This is the orphanage that is dedicated to our Guru Paramparai, sings Yogaswami’s Natchintanai and studies the Master Course lessons.

The sannyasin at the altar is doing arati for Gurudeva to bless the noonday meal.

Each year they celebrate January 5th in this way.

Thanks to a special anonymous donation, the leader of this orphanage, Babu Chandreswaran, will be joining the Asian Odyssey. He was awarded the Gurudeva Innersearch Scholarship and is in Comombo today working on his Cambodian visa.

Several others of the adult staff of the orphanage will be joining Bodhinatha for the South Indian portion of the study-travel program, and bringing all the teachings back to the young ones to enrich their spiritual life.

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