Mauritius Satsang and Seva

I am very very very happy to inform YOU that we had a wonderful satsang at my home yesterday 13th Nov 2008. We started with a Pada Puja followed by singing of Natchintanai songs;Homam;Talk on “cleanliness” by Kulapathi Manon;viewing of newsletter DVD and finally had a nice meals cooked especially for our Kuthumba by Anjeeni Devi.

Anjeeni devi very happy to host this week satsang

What Happened Today at the Monastery?

. Pada Puja-milk abhisegum

Final Arathi-the presence of our beloved Satguru Bodhinatha was deeply felt

The Homam was an intense moment where everyone chanted the SIVA mantra 108 times

After we sang some Natchintanai songs. After the Homam, Kulapathi Manon talked about “Cleanliness” ;then all present
viewed the newsletter DVD

At the spiritual park we have been working on some beautiful stone steps.

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