Sun One Homa and Many Guests

A new phase begins with its infinite possibilities. We have six days of service for Siva ahead, diligently working with our kulams in many tasks.

In a few days Bodhinatha and Arumugaswami will travel to South India.

A homa connected our work with our inner team, the Devas. Gurudeva taught us to work really closely with God, the Gods and the Devas, and the homas help us keep the channels open. We also inform them of our needs and plans through prayers offered to the fire.

The ritual is so ancient in its form, as is the Sri Rudram chant that the monks intone.

Sadhaka Rajanatha has been taking classes on Sri Rudram chanting and now joins the group.

Bodhinatha offers all prayers. Many things come to be burned, as the Devas instructed: personal letters, vows, contracts and requests. Anything that is needed to keep the Devas informed.

Agni, the messenger, diligently carries them.

Today Maruthu Dharmalingam took his Bramacharya Vrata, vowing to live a pure and celibate life.

Bodhinatha ties the sacred cord around his waist.

Lord Hanuman sits really close to the fire. We invoke Him to help build Iraivan.

Bodhinatha offers grains as we chant “Aum Ham Haum Sivaya Svaha,” near the high point of the puja.

After all are hooked up to inner vibrations, our Satguru gives a talk on a mystical subject. Today Bodhinatha explained intriguing things about the human aura.

We will post it soon.

Later in the day, the Aadheenam was filled with guests. That seems to be the norm these days. One of them was Shivani, this bright young girl. She was happy to recite the Gayatri Mantra by heart, without a single mistake.

aum tat savitur vareyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo na prachodayat

Swami Vivekananda freely translated it thus:
“Aum. We meditate on the glory of that Being who has produced this universe; may He enlighten our minds.”

Her parents said she had a strong wish to meet a Swami and would not leave before meeting one. Well, we have a wish-fulfilling crystal here, and there she is with Paramacharya Palaniswami!

Marvelous Art Arrives From India

We offer today some wonderful art that was sent to Palaniswami from India, along with creation verses from the holy Tirumantiram. It is a series of depictions of Siva from the ancient scriptures.

The artist, Mr. Sinha, does work for our publications now and then.

2649: Gurus Have Reached Siva’s Feet

Smoke and sound
Oblations and sacrificial offering
In worship spread;
“All these are for my Lord;”
The Gurus who thus meditate,
Who have monasteries founded,
Have verily reached Feet of Lord.

2650: The Lord is in the Body

No habitation the Lord has
But the body-house of Jiva;
Or has the Lord any other home?
Let them find out;
Even after having found out
That Jiva’s body is Siva’s home
They say, “He, our Siva, is outside.”

2994: He Hides in the Heart

The Bounteous Lord,
The Monarch of Heavenly Kingdom
The Lord of matted locks,
That carried Ganga waters flowing,
The Primal One of Vedas,
Lest them devoid of faith see Him,
He hides in the heart within.

3006: Lord Siva Seeks Those Who Seek Him

Great is He, rising above macrocosm vast,
Subtle is He, within the fleshly body to births an heir,
As His devotees see the vision of His Holy Feet,
And walk toward Him,
He goes seeking them,
On their way.

2653: Lord is in the Guru’s Monastery

The Guru-face is our Lord’s pedestal
The monastery is our Lord’s Holy Land;
The Holy Assembly of blemishless vision
Is Lord’s abode;
The heart that performs the sixteen worships inside
Is the Lord’s sacred throne;

3008: He Protects All

Through successive aeons several,
He stood as Paraparan Supreme;
All worlds He stood protecting
And this world too, as Paraparan Supreme;
This they know not;
He stood pervading the Jivas, too,
Immanent in them and transcending them.

3021: Lord is Benevolent Like Rain

Here He is, there He is, everywhere He is,
In all worlds He is, the Holy Lord;
In darkness He is, Light He is;
In sun He is, in moon He is, everywhere He is;
Benevolent is Lord,
Unto the rain that falls.

3023: Siva’s Supreme Might

By His Might He supports worlds seven,
By His Might He is sublter than atom,
By His Might He surpasses
The eight mountain ranges in directions eight,
By His Might, oceans roar.

3034: Lord Siva Pervades All Worlds Alike

He is of the rich matted locks,
He is of hue golden,
Unattached He is,
Yet immanent in all He is,
He is omnipresent, birthless, the Holy God,
Unintermittent He stands,

3045: Our Dear Siva is Deathless

Water, earth, sky, fire and wind,
The spark of light within the body, -All these He is;
He is Paraparam, He is Siva, Our Lord,
He is the walking Jiva here below,
Deathless He is,
In all worlds seven.

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