Iraivan Temple's Rajagopuram Begins

With Ganesha’s blessings, today we put the northeastern corner of the rajagopuram’s first course into place. These stones will provide support for the massive, gold-leafed marvel that will adorn Iraivan Temple’s entrance, signaling to all that this is where Lord Siva manifests with great power. It is the structure behind the five-headed cobra.

Selvanathan Sthapathi officiates the ceremony. Sthapathis have training not only in the physics and metaphysics of sacred architecture, but also in the mystical arts of blessing the construction.

Lord Ganesha, in a murti made of turmeric, blesses the ceremony. The vibration was so subtle, so sublime. Iraivan Temple is truly becoming a living temple, with its own inner sound and devonic workers.

Gold, silver, copper and small gems are placed under the stone. Each has a special vibration, empowering the temple in subtle ways.

Many are happy to be on the roof of Iraivan Temple for the first time.

All together, we move the stone into place. Big smiles! It’s a special feeling to be part of something so sacred and so long-lasting.
Tad astu.
The stone is set in place and will stay there for the next thousand years.
Aum Namah Sivaya.

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