Tour Day Guests

The heavy rain has abated, leaving happy plants behind its trail of blessings. But a few days ago a tour day happened while it was still wet. We bring you its photos today.

The silpis blend in with the crowd.

Umbrellas everywhere.

Rain and happy smiles are so common here.

These guests were here two years ago.
They mentioned that the tour at the Aadheenam is a great choice when you can’t go to the beach or see the Napali Coast because of the weather.

This soul took birth just three months; mom and baby are visiting from Oahu.

This family was part of the 41 guests that came.

This young couple visited four years ago and enjoyed a meditation at the Orchid Mandapam at that time.

These guests live on the island, and they said his father used to write articles for Hinduism Today.

Our neighbor Nicole, who visits the temple regularly.

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