A Poem From Chennai

It seems that great hearts can be inspired by the smallest of things. Sheela from Chennai wrote this poem when introduced to one of Kauai’s residents, a snail by the name of Mr. Long-Whiskers.

“Mr. Long-Whiskers
I met him today
Small though he was
He had a lot to say!
He made me think
About stuff I d usually ignore
What lies beneath the surface
Is so much, much more!

‘Weird is a point of view,’
He said,
‘Depends on where you look
You at me
Me at you
Present two different views
Both as weird or beautiful
’tis your eyes and mind that choose!
For Siva though
We are perfect
There is nothing to gain or lose!

‘The home I carry
is given to me for free
Seems like a burden though
To someone who is not me!
Fast, jerky movements
Are needed to take you places
Slow and smooth is my pace
I don t need to run races!

‘Content I am with my form
Peace comes naturally to me
Mother Nature holds me in her lap
Why don’t you join me?’ “

2 Responses to “A Poem From Chennai”

  1. Siriesha says:

    Thank you for publishing the lovely pictures of your garden, Mr. Long-Whiskers and the wonderful descriptions. It made me appreciate Mr. Long-Whiskers as highly evolved being of Nature.
    So, it was a delight to find Sheela’s thoughtful & insightful poem on Mr. Long-Whiskers. Reading this poem evoked a sense of calmness & insightfulness in observing the reality of seeing nature as is.
    Mr. Long-Whiskers brought so many people together, your pictures, Sheela’s poem and our appreciations.
    I would like to receive Sheela’s & your permission to send the picture of Mr.Long-Whiskers & her poem to my friends.
    Thank You.

  2. Eassan says:

    Absolutely nice poem!!!

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