Many Pilgrims to Hug those Trees

The year-end holidays bring a steady flow of pilgrims to Kauai Aadheenam. Three families from Seattle area visited for the first time and had darshan with Bodhinatha.

They all had a great time and felt like they didn’t want to leave. A lively darshan session with Bodhinatha including the children freely asking questions. They had great fun coordinating to collect water and do Narmada Lingam abhishekam.

The three families are Shobana & Anandbabu Marthi, Ramakrishna & Padmavathi, and Ramanath K Suryaprakash.

Mrs. Shobana and family were already connected because they met Bodhinatha a few years ago in Vancouver, and Shobana has been reading and re-reading the digital Master Course trilogy lessons for the past 10 years! She said it has been her dream for a long time to come here, and finally it’s a reality today.

The soothing experience of hugging a rudraksha tree. The devas love it, too.

It was tour day today, an opportunity for many guests to step into a magical and ancient tradition that most of them never suspected existed. Not in this life, anyway.

Many have been in touch with Hinduism before, and their souls catch the thread from lives ago. Here some of them meditate in Kadavul Temple.

In our lush gardens, small colorful dots in the distance mark the tour group’s movements.

2 Responses to “Many Pilgrims to Hug those Trees”

  1. Ramanath K SUryaprakash & Netravati K Ramanath says:

    Our experience in the Hindu Monastry Temple at Kaui in Hawaii was memorable.
    Its great to see the rich hindu traditions articulated and demonstrated .. from the temple pooja.. to .. the sacred talk by Bodhinatha guruji and all the monks we met in the temple.
    There is a lot I could learn from the guruji and monks here, who are not hindu’s by birth… but very much hindu proponents through practice and art of living
    I would recommend everyone who visits Hawaii on pleasure trip.. to also visit this temple as this would be a pleasure for the Soul…to have a wholesome experience of mind, body and spirit renewal.

  2. Ramanath K Suryaprakash & Netravati K Ramanath says:

    We saw a Video in YouTube today and relished every moment of the video as we recollected every location we went on the tour in the Kauai Hindu Monastry Temple on 12/30/2008.
    I welcome readers to view the follwing link – “A Day in the Kauai Temple, Hawaii”

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