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News from 2008 Asian Odyssey Innersearch

Above is Bodhinatha at the Homa in Tiruvannamalai. With only 72 hours left for the Innersearch, one innersearcher writes to us today:

Namaste and Pranaam
I hope you are well. Many Greetings from India!

I wanted to take this quick opportunity to let you know that the Innersearch is amazing – heavenly experiences with meditation and temple visits and with the rest of the Innersearchers. I can’t stop thanking Bodhinatha and everyone for this enriching and wholesome spiritual experience.
There is so much to share about this blissful journey.
Infinite Love and Gratitude.
Om Sivaya

Today’s Innersearch Slide Show Link

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Homa at Tiruvannamalai, Part II

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Rishi Thondunatha hosted Vishnu Kempraj and his wife from San Jose. Rishi is here on pilgrimage from the Mainland where he continues to perform a great service teaching Saivite Hinduism to both Hindu children and adults alike.

Vishnu Kempraj and his wife had previously met Gurudeva on several occasions in the past, and were initially here on Kauai in 1995, so they were amazed at the progress of the temple building thus far.

A group of visitors from Japan arrived for a tour of the Iraivan temple Here is Sanae Hamamatsu from Nagasaki with her hand in the lion’s mouth.

Undaunted by the episodes of torrential rain these delightful souls arrived, all smiles, to tour the Iraivan Temple (cameras at the ready).

They are from all parts of Japan to include Okayama, Himeji, Nagasaki, Osaka, Kyushu and Kobe.

Naoka Chindo lives on Kauai. She acts as an interpreter for many Japanese visitors to the Island and has visited the temple on several occasions in the past.

Mary Jane Dockery is visiting with her brother Bertrand Hewett from Michigan. She brought him for a visit one year ago for his 80th birthday. There is a stone at the temple site where visitors can try their hand at “chipping stone.” Mary Jane, 83 years of age, astonished everyone present (including one of the silpis) by chipping a huge piece out of the granite slab with one whack of the hammer. She had previously been a geologist by profession! Today they returned for a second visit to the Iraivan Temple.

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