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News from Post Innersearch Mission in India

Here is Bodhinatha at Swami Omkarananda’s Ashram in Tamil Nadu, two hours drive outside of Madurai.

But today he is still in Delhi and writes:

Tue, Feb 12th, We went to Swami Pragyanand’s ashram in the morning for a tour and lunch. It is an unbeat place with lots of activities. Has 24-hour a day chanting of Ganesha Mantram, eternal fire, eternal flame, ideas he got from Kadavul. Really appreciated our continued support.

In the afternoon we want for the first time to the Ashram of Swami Gopal Charan. He came to Kauai about a year ago and invited us. It is a four-year-old ashram that is attractively layed out and quite clean. The main temple is to Radha Krishna and a smaller one to Siva-Parvati with a large Naramada lingam for abhishekam and arati. He is of the Nimbarka school of Vaishnavism. His main center is in Brindavan.


Swami Omkarananda’s Ashram in Theni

Sadhaka Dandapani writes:

When we were in Madurai we went to Theni 90 mins west of Madurai, to visit Swami Omkarananda’s ashram.

Swami is a wonderfully jovial person and is doing wonderful work.

Here we are by the river that runs behind the ashram.

A giant yagasala built in such a way that all the smokes goes out the top efficiently.

Bodhinatha and Swami address the small group of devotees present.

Swami presents Bodhinatha with a shawl.

Today’s Innersearch Slide Show Links

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Yesterday’s Girivalam show is comprised of many files which had some difficulty being uploaded. We give you the link here again today. It should be working now.

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