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Bodhinatha has flown for Delhi to Bangalore and attend the huge event there at Bala Gangadharanatha’s new temple. More on that later. Today we bring you news from Delhi:

Palaniswami writes:

Dr. Karan Singh graciously received Bodhinatha and the monks at his home in New Delhi on February 11th. He took us to his shrine room, full of Sivaness everywhere. He lovingly picked up a Namasivaya bracelet from a shelf holding Gurudeva’s portrait and told the story of how Gurudeva took it from his own wrist during Dr. Singh’s first visit to Kauai, and placed it on his wrist. He wore it for two decades til it began to come apart, and keeps it in his shrine. Hew recounted every meeting he ever had with Gurudeva, in Oxford, Moscow, Chicago, Delhi, at his palace in Jammu, and more.

He took us to his private bedroom, and noted all of Gurudeva’s books on his shelf, explaining how profoundly Gurudeva had affected his life, how he continues to be inspired by our work and by the organization Gurudeva left behind. He notes three or four examples of Hindu organizations who left no successor, and how they are all struggling with their identity, saying again how wonderful the system of sampradaya is, holding the power of sustained history.

The visit was all the more moving, as his wife is in the hospital and he has to attend her daily.

Our last evening in Delhi was a visit to Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya’s beautiful ashram.

Swami greeted us and took us on a tour of his ashram starting first with cow barn. He has a cd with mantras chanted during the day for the cows. A wonderful variety of the healthiest cows you would see.

Then a tour of his temples. First stop to the giant Narmada Siva lingam.

Then to his main temple. Here we are at a smaller shrine to Durga.

Swami is very jovial and exchanged many wonderful moments with Bodhinatha. Here they are watched on by our Delhi host and ever elegantly dressed Hinduism Today correspondent, Rajiv Malik.

Swami was very happy that Bodhinatha came to visit him.

He presents Bodhinatha with a beautiful pure silver abhishegam tray with a Siva Lingam to Bodhinatha.

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Kanya Kumari, Tiruvalluvar Statue

Kanya Kumari, Part II

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Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

A very beautiful spring-like day brought three wonderful Hindu families for the morning puja in the Kadavul Siva Temple and a tour of the Iraivan Temple.

On the right is Vikram Duvvouri with his wife, Dr. Sumana Reddy (Family Practice) and their two children, Kavi (13) and Lekha (7) all from Salinas, CA. In the center is Dr. Shankar Kurra, an Emergency Room physician, his wife Suneetha and their two children, Vahni (10) and baby Bindu (14 months) from Muncie, IN. On the left is G. S. Lakshman and his wife Dr. Ramani Lakshman from Palmdale, CA. Moved by the pure sacredness of the Kadavul Siva Temple puja, and the tremendous work that is unfolding with the Iraivan Temple project, they all promised to return.

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