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News From Bodhinatha

Here is Bodhinatha at Kailas Ashram. He and Palaniswami and Sadhaka Dandapani are on their way home with stop overs in Singapore and Taipei.

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Meanwhile the weather has cleared at the Aadneenam and another spectacular day brought visitors and pilgrims from all parts India and the Mainland. The Kadavul Temple was filled with worshippers this morning and there was a sweet, peaceful, and quiescent energy permeating the entire temple.

All were taken for a tour of the Iraivan Temple. Several families were from Chennai, Andra Pradesh and Bangalore, as well as Nepal and even Mongolia. A bright and happy group with lots of questions.

Bodhinatha at Kailas Ashram

We continue with retrospectives from the Innersearch and post Innersearch mission activities.

Bangalore Feb 14th: We visit Jeyandrapuriswami’s ashram. Bodhinatha in greeted in the traditional manner.

Jeyandrapuriswami, Trichyswami’s successor and current head of Kailas Ashram greets Bodhinatha then gives him a tour of the ashram showing some on the additions since Bodhinatha’s last visit. Here a statue of his guru, the great Trichy swami.

The powerful Rajarajeswari temple which is in the ashram grounds. A giant raja gopuram is in the process of being built.

Kailash Ashram

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Innersearch Farewall Breakfast in Kerala

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More Views of Cambodia and Langawi, Malaysia

Turning to the recent Asian Odyssey trip, here are some more photos of various scenes. In this photo from Cambodia, six people are piled into the motorbike.

Cambodia freshwater lake tour–these locals came up alongside our tour boat trying to sell sodas.

A family displays snakes with request for donations

The little girl is very comfortable handling the snakes

Children also come up to our tour boats to sell bananas

Asking for $2 donation

Our young Innersearcher Ruby was a bit concerned about the snake being so close to her, and stayed very still

An unusual fish from the large freshwater lake

At the highly detailed Banteay Srea Siva temple in Cambodia, looking through the doorway at two Innersearchers on the other side.

Banteay Srea

Banteay Srea

Angkor Thom temple

Angkor Thom temple

Tree trunks wrapped around temple walls

A famous spot which was photographed by explorers and first introduced the world to these ancient temples

Innersearchers pass through narrow, dark corridors in the temple

Traffic–large Japanese tour groups squeezed alongside us through the narrow corridors from room to room

One of the beautiful sculptures

Angkor Thom temple

Large trees growing for hundreds of years inside the temple complex

A yogi who lost his head

emerging on the other side of Angkor Thom temple

Angkor Thom temple

content mother and calf nearby

Innersearcher Niraj poses at Angkor Wat temple

Stopping briefly in Kuala Lumpur on the way to Langkawi, our Malaysian devotees graciously offer a packed lunch to all the Innersearchers

preparing for a flight

beautiful rice paddy in Langkawi

To reach a restaurant for lunch in Langkawi, Innersearchers had to cross a lagoon! Great fun

Happy wedding anniversary to Mr and Mrs. Nadanachandran from Australia

Meeting with the always jovial Swami Guhabhaktananda of Divine Life Society at Batu Caves in Malaysia, right after we climbed the steps to reach Lord Murugan’s cave abode for Thai Pusam

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