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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Bodhinatha is back, leading our morning Shum meditations and receiving visitors in the Guru Peedam. Palaniswami is focused on some complex follow-up of the 42-day Odyssey and the various teams of publishers, filmmakers and artists they met with along the way. Sadhaka Dandapani is diving back into the Ekadanta Kulam duties and preparing his final reports on the Innersearch for the stewards.

Today’s Post Innersearch Slide Show Link

Bangalore Iraivan Temple Worksite

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Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

A large group of visitors arrived yesterday. Far right is Girish Bhat, his wife Srigouri and their two children Nilabh (8 yrs) and Anusha (2 yrs) from Calif. Next to them is Bahadas and Reshan from Canada. Also Drs. Santoish and Rajinder Bahal from Wisconsin. Dr. Raghu’s son, Gopal and his friend Darin Bahl from Connecticut and lastly two young ladies, Kristen Packard and Brande Sager from Arizona who are ardent students of Gurudeva’s trilogy, “Dancing with Siva,” “Living with Siva” and “Merging with Siva.”

Nilabh and Anusha wide awake and ready to go on the people mover.

Today Francesco Garripoli returned with his Bhutanese guests, Jamgoen Rinpoche on the left who is a young 24 year old Buddhist monk who was sent to the West by the King of Bhutan for a period of schooling. He is scheduled to Head three large monasteries in Bhuthan. – With him is his assistant, Lama Hodo.

Jamgoen Rinpoche is amazed at the sacred South Indian granite artistry. Here he holds a handcarved blue-black granite chain which hangs on the east side of the Iraivan Temple.

Lama Hodo and Jamgoen Rinpoche in front of the temple entrance.

Three Hindu couples also joined our morning tour. Ara and Usha from Chennai; Hari and Nithya from Houston, TX; and Ravi and Sudha from Kansas. All expressed their joy to be here and believe this to be one of the most sacred places they have ever visited.

A final group photo of everyone, including Francesco Garripoli (left) who is hosting the monks from Bhutan at the Kahuna Valley Spiritual Center and his friend Kyong-Ho Lee (far right) who acts as interpreter.

This is the last week of February and already it is a very warm 74 degrees.

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

On the right is Senthilselvi Nanthakumar who happily stated she was named by Siva Yogaswami. She is originally from Jaffna town. With her is Arathi and Pathmini Thiyagaratnam from Colombo, Sri Lanka. They all now live in Vancouver

Michael Borden and Karen Joost are students of Ganapathi Sthapati. They frequently travel back and forth to Chennai from their home in Iowa to be with Ganapathi Sthapati. Michael explained that their work was mostly secular where they build homes, offices and factories all over the world according to the principles of Vastu.

Vyagrapada our Big Blue Macaw Parrot.

Iraivan Temple Construction Progress

Today we bring you a longer show of the raising up of the 16 Kodungai/Sun Shade stones from yesterday… the pictures tell their own story…

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