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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

We had a busy tour day today with 60 visitors in the first group and about 80 in the second a total of 140 souls!

A side view of Iraivan. This is taken from the same location by Paramacharya Palaniswami who has been shooting this view from the under the northwest side Rudraksha trees for several years… giving us a very interesting time lapse view of Iraivan’s development over many years.

Saiva Siddhanta Church Sri Lanka Mission

Anna Danam (Mass Feeding) Sponsored by Sri Subramuniya Kottam

From time to time, the Sri Subramuniya Kottam of Kopay, Sri Lanka sponsors Anna Danam (Mass Feeding) at the Kottam or in a local temple. These photos are from the recent December feeding at the Kopay Sri Nachchimar Temple.

Kottam volunteers cook and serve the lunch, first offering the food to the Temple Deity, and then later to the devotees.
Hundreds of villagers benefit from these feedings due to the serious food shortage in Jaffna.

Due to the raging civil war, the city of Jaffna has been essentially cut off from the rest of the country. The disruption of travel by road and railway has resulted in a shortage of supplies that has affected all its residents.

Our Spiritual Park and Monastery on the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean

Ganesha worship in Mauritius has become synonymous of the Spiritual Park. Devotees have their first Sunday of every month booked for the worship of this great Lord of Dharma in the north of Mauritius. Here are a few photos of the February 2008 Ganesha Homa.

The Kerala style wooden structure Mandapam is always filled to capacity with ladies who come very early in the morning to secure a seat inside.

Everyone happily and devoutly seated near Lord Pancha Mukha Ganapati.

The side behind the huge murthi…

On the right side of the deity…

Allowing enough space for the leading bhajan singers and musicians. Everyone inside sings thus creating a very nice spiritual vibration that attracts and allows inner beings to hover around….

The tent outside too is filled up. Devotees are seen everywhere outside…A few lucky ones are seen in the shades of the mango trees.

Devotees coming down the Ganesha Bridge with their their loving offerings.

The kulapaties officiate the Homa in the large sacred pit. Hundreds of written prayers are sent to the inner worlds.

A view of the crowd outside during the ceremony….

A priest from a Muruga Temple on a hill at Port Louis gives a testimony about how happy he is to see Guudeva’s teachings in action at the Spiritual Park. He recalled how Gurudeva once went up that hill and said a temple was to be built there… now the Temple has been built. He would like stewards of the Spiritual Park to help with religious teachings at this new temple.

Kulapati Siven Koothan giving a Talk on Lord Ganesha…

Many devotees stay standing all through the ceremony, happy and fulfilled…

The ceremony is about the end and arati will be offered to everyone.

Dr. Bundhoo (left) with his wife, also a doctor and his family. They are on their first visit to the Park. They never thought such a fine place of worship could exist here on this part of the island.

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

Today we bring you photos from the first day of our Innersearch, 15 January 2008. Here we are gathered in the conference room of the Casa Angkor hotel in Siem Reap, Cambodia for our orientation meeting.

96 participants from 15 countries came together for this 3-week odyssey.

Bodhinatha welcomes the group and shares some of the material he will be covering in his classes.

We are off on our first excursion, down a bumpy dusty road to the edge of the Tonle sap lake.

3 boats await to take us on a boat ride on this large lake.

We head down a river before it opens up into the lake.

The river banks are filled with floating markets, homes, schools and everything else you would expect to find in a village.

Innersearchers climb to the top of the boat to get a better view.

Shailesh Trivedi from California (on the right) and Dr. Hiranya Gowda to his left.

Jeffery Thomas from Oregon. His first Innersearch.

During our boat ride small motor boats would speed up next to our boat and young children would jump on and off with drinks, snacks and trinkets to sell to the visitors.

This young girl expertly jumps on the speeding boat.

We make a stop at nearby floating market and come across a pool of crocodiles.

A young girl hops to impress us with her snake and earn a couple of dollars while at it.

From the left, Devi Marks from California, Joel Knepp from Ohio and Nilufer Clubwala from New York.

Another boat filled with Innersearchers.

A young boy rows out in a tub in search of a few dollars.

Sheela Rahavendran and her daughter Aarthi from Southern California.

Mark Boyer from New York.

Enjoying a nice vegetarian lunch at the Prum Bayon hotel in Siem Reap. After lunch we explore our first temples in Cambodia. Photos to come tomorrow.

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