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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

Sun One Homa was recommenced today. We have a number of pilgrims with us this morning. Bodhinatha is back, presiding over the sacred fire rites.

This morning Bodhinatha gave a discourse…

It was a spontaneous upadesha on a recent lesson of the day… watch for it in the days ahead.

Monks are wrapped in attention…Sadhaka Tejadevanatha

Blessings to start the day

Dasan Mahadevan from California.

Stepping out from the temple, we are greeting with a magnificent vision of Mount Waialeale, with a faint haze in the air, which is “vog” from the smoke of the volcano on the Big Island.

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

These six bright souls from Chennai are computer engineers and programmers with TATA Consultancy Services and are performing computer services through their company for Hawaiian Airlines on Oahu. Today Karthie, Siva, Prasad, Venkat, Lakshman and Sashish all arrived from Honolulu to attend the morning puja and tour the Iraivan Temple.

Also attending (left) was Siva and Jana Kesavan with their two children, Nathan (age 9) and Meera (age 11). All of our guests were Tamil-speaking and could easily communicate with the silpis who are also from Tamil Nadu.

Post Innersearch Publications Developments

After returning home there is lots and lots of follow up to do. The post Innersearch mission took Bodhinatha, Palaniswami and Dandapani throughout India and involved many contacts and discussions with people in India who will be collaborating with us in the publications area.

The lady here, Soumya Sivaraman,is the authoress of the remarkable book, “Following the HIndu Moon”–reviewed in the April, 2008, issue of Hinduism Today.

Soumya and her husband are involved in many pro-Hindu activities in India. She came to meet Palaniswami for a couple of hours in Bangalore. She will be working with us on our media initiative to create materials for the mainstream US press and religion editors who need information on Hindu festivals, which are gaining a higher profile in the US as the years go by. She is proud of her son, who “wears a dothi without even being asked.” Father is a great example there.

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective – Siem Reap Continued

We continue with photos from our Asian Odyssey. It’s the 16th of January and we have an early start to the 1,000 Lingam river in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

The drive takes over an hour to get there.

The group gathers at the base of the hill and Saravananathaswami gives instructions on how to perform ganga sadhana when they reach the 1,000 Lingam river on top of the hill.

Indra Dhaksinamurthi from Boston, USA.

Lucy Soutter from London, UK.

Deva Rajan from California, USA and Ganga Sivanathan from Adelaide, Australia.

Chidambaram Sendan from California listens attentively.

Clive Roberts from the Netherlands.

The group begins the climb crossing a dry river bed.

The climb is not easy by any means and it takes more than an hour to get to the top.

Arumugaswami makes his way up the hill.

At the top our volunteers, Kartikeya Katir, Aubrey Burke and Niraj Thaker hand out flowers to be used in the ganga sadhana process.

Full of smiles and ever ready to help. Thank you for trekking ahead and setting up the flower station!

The ever helpful Babu Chandreswaran assists a few Innersearchers through a narrow and steep part of the climb.

We come across the first set of Lingams. The river served as a water source to an ancient town and the king wanted the water blessed by the Lingams.

Nandi is carved into a big rock.

The group sits along the banks and begin their ganga sadhana.

Circumambulating one of the lingams.

More lingams carved into the rocks.

A nearby cave houses a Siva Lingam and it looks like worship of some form is still going on here.

“The Lost Group” who bravely detoured into the Cambodian jungles before being discovered by the coordinator. Here they proudly pose for a photo.

Puvaneswary Roberts from the Netherlands.

Here she is helping a fellow Innersearcher. We are extremely proud of the entire group for making this very strenuous climb to the top to see Lord Siva. The trip back down was equally strenuous and a bit more hazardous.

We cross this very old and unstable bridge one at a time.

A wonderful vegetarian lunch awaits the group at the Borey Sovanna Khbal Spean restaurant not too far from the base of the hill.

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