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News From Singapore and Malaysia

Brief reports from Bodhinatha:

“Saturday evening seminar had a good attendance for Singapore of about 100 individuals. Sunday morning flight to Kuala Lumpur met by a few members, others busy setting up the evening seminar.

“Seminar on What is Hinduism Session #2 at the Kalamandapam of the Scott’s Road Murugan Temple. Attendance about 350-400 guestimate. Some good questions from the group as well were answered. Quite a few books sold and signed.”

One interesting note from Malaysia. In order to allow the entire audience of nearly 400 to see Bodhinatha’s Keynote presentation, a second screen was set up in the hall and his presentation played on both screens at the same time, thanks the innovative thinking of Saravana Kuppusamy who installed Bodhinatha’s presentation on his Mac, hooked it up to a second projector and clicked through the slides as Bodhinatha gave the seminar. We will probably be getting some photos in the days ahead…

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

On the left is mother and son, Pabitra Choudhury and Sumanta Bhattacharya from Kolata India. While on their way sightseeing to a local waterfalls, they totally lost their way and found themselves in front of the sign near the rudraksha forest redirecting them to the Siva Temple. Sumanta felt very strongly that it was the Will of the Gods that brought them here today since they had no idea there was a Hindu Temple on Kauai!

Swamy Nagubadi, his wife Sandhya, their daughter Navya (age 8), and grandmother all visiting from Chicago on the recommendation of Sandhya’s sitar teacher. Sandhya read more On-line and was determined to pilgrimage here with her family. She was moved by “the spiritual energy and vibrations of this sacred place, that is so far from India, and yet holds up the culture and ideals of the Hindu beliefs so perfectly.”

Swamy Nagubadi with little Navya (who was absolutely delighted to pet the temple cats); her mother Sandhya, and grandmother on the people-mover.

Vellaisamy one of our great artistic silpis, greets our visitors from the temple rooftop where the silpis are busy fitting and sizing shade stones on the Western side of the Iraivan Temple.

Spring is in the air and the ground is carpeted with beautiful Blue Jade blossoms which are now cascading throughout the trees along the path to the Iraivan Temple.

Innersearch Asian Odyssey 2008 Retrospective

We continue our coverage of the 2008 Asian Odyssey. January 25th: Early afternoon the group gathered by the temple and we start our walk towards Arunachala hill.

We pass a group of sadhus gathering wood.

The first part of the climb is through a small village. How blessed are these people to live at Arunachala’s feet.

The climb is streneous and Thomas takes a break. It is not easy carrying all that camera equipment and he is in very good shape, being one of the first to reach our destination on the hill.

Some parts are a little steep and Selvon gets a helping hand from Tatiana.

The view is spectacular.

Shailesh Trivedi and Babu Chadreswaran outside Skanda Ashram.

One of the residents of the hill.

After our visit to Skanda Ashram we stop to meditate.

Arunchaleswarar temple is magnificent.

We start to head back down the hill.

We encounter a sadhu on the hill and Innersearchers approach him for blessings.

Mayuresh Rahavendran makes his way down barefoot. A wonderful pilgrimage for this young boy.

Suri Narayanan is a metal work sthapati. He came all the way from Swamimalai to meet with Bodhinatha. A wonderfully bright and sincere soul.

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