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What Happened Today at the Monastery?

On the left is Radhakrishnamurthy and Sulochana Bhandaru from the east coast of US. They last visited about eleven years ago and fondly recalled meeting Gurudeva at that time and walking on the San Marga path.

Here are Shivaram and Kiran Kalugotta with their son Vishnu and daughter Gowri from St Louis, Missouri. Kiran has been studying the Master Course lessons on email. Vishnu asked good questions about the necessity of temples and how to see God.

Brahmacharini Shama took both families to the temple, she writes:

Radhakrishnamurthy and Sulochana Bhandaru (on right). Both undertook research in heart disease at Louisiana State University in the 60’s and 70’s. She went on to become a physician in obstetrics and he taught biochemistry in Graduate School at LSU. Radhakrishnamurthy was also an avid reader of the “New Saivite World” in 1970 (now known as “Hinduism Today” – which he continues to subscribe to). He sought Gurudeva’s help while involved in his local Hindu Temple Society and recieved Gurudeva’s darshan when he came to visit in 1977.

Beside them are Shivaram Kalugotla with his wife Kiran and their two wonderful children Vishnu and Gowri from St. Louis, MO. They also subscribe to Hinduism Today. Both families attended the morning puja, toured the Iraivan Temple, and were then blessed to receive the darshan of Sat Siva Guru Bodhinatha Veylanswami.

We started our new phase with early morning Chitra Puja after a dynamic 3-day full moon retreat.

Bodhinatha has just come home but leaves for Mauritius and possibly South Africa in a few days…

Sadhaka Tejadevanatha is our pujari today.

Yogaswami Maha Samadhi Observances

Here at the aadheenam, we recently honored the Mahasamadhi of Satguru Siva Yogaswami. (1872 – 1964) and share a few photos and thoughts for you today.

To that salient soul of Jaffna, the sage who fearlessly moved the forces of the world and yet lived totally within the center of his very being, remaining completely summa all the while, we owe our immeasurable gratitude and ceaseless praise.

Aum Sri Satguru Siva Yogaswamine Namah!

“You and I are one. Eternal bliss is already acquired.”

The venerable Natha held Truth in the palm of his hand, spreading love and knowledge of Siva.

“Let the lamp light of the Guru be used to light your heart, and when you see yourself as others see you, and also see within you the light of God radiating its rays, then will you gradually begin to see the real Self in you.”

Our great Yogaswami

Yogaswami told his devotees to know thy Self by thyself, to go in and in and in, to see God as all, and to love all and despise none.

“I am with you always. You are God. God is with you.”

“There is nothing to know. Remain summa.”

Yogaswami Honored in Sri Lankan Orphanage

Today we received a report from Babu, the manager of the Siva Yogaswami orphanage for boys in Sri Lanka. He sent a few photos, including this one of the boys in meditation, working to go within just like Yogaswami did. Babu writes:

Humble salutation to the lotus feet Yogar Swamigal Gurupooja was celebrated at Gurukulam on 18th March. Several programmes added to highlight this events.
The children and devotees joined together and took part the message to the children was that swami’s attitude to life.
 Noting lost noting gained; we know not; who knows; Fear not; All is Truth; It was accomplished long ago; Be still (Summa Iru) In short he sought to teach us through the Natchinthanai that God is absolute Truth and in God s Kingdom  the Kingdom of Truth   there can be no intrinsic evil or ill will.

The photo is of our offering to the great guru. Yogar Swamigal will always remain fragrant and treasured in our memory. He strode the spiritual scene like a colossus radiating love and peace and exhorting the people to lead a dharmic life.
Yours truly,

Today’s Pilgrims and Visitors

Dushyanthan & Krishni Wignarajah with their daughter Anjali and twin sons Sailesh and Neel visited Kauai Aadheenam for the first time, from California. Krishi grew up in Edmonton, Canada and met Gurudeva there when he visited. Her father visited Yogaswami in his hut as a young boy.

They had a wonderful time and look forward to returning.

Carmel Hawn our generous Apple technician and Master Course student brought her extended family for a visit today.

They are from Idaho and it’s a good time for them to be going to warm Hawaii.

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